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Cosmos—The Internet of Blockchains

Cosmos is a highly scalable networking platform designed for blockchain interoperability. The meetups we host in San Francisco are developer-focused but friendly for all audiences. Cosmos SF meetups will range from showcasing our partners from around the world, demos of our products, technical talks, and casual networking drinkups.

Developers of all levels of familiarity with blockchain engineering are welcome, as engineers will get the most value out of these events. Cosmos will be carrying out the Cosmos Academy, where interested people can join to learn about architecting the next decentralized application on top of the Cosmos network.

Past events (10)

Cosmos Unchained: Bitcoin Peggy Showdown

Online event

Cosmos Unchained: Ethermint vs. Avalanche

Online event

Cosmos Unchained: Ethereum Peggy Showdown

Online event

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