What we're about

This is a group for dance, music and socializing lovers. This is fun group and will keep you posted with updates local news in dance and music and will also organize events for all members to socialize. Everyone are welcome to join inlcuding professional and students in dance and music.

We are constantly finding ways and means for you to stay connected and stay healthy and HAPPY!!... Due the long pandemic there have been alot of tragedies and sad news around and some people i knew, not only due to Covid but individuals who felt too left out from the society became victims. We need to be around individuals and groups of own interests and welcome and kind with one another so we all can feel connected and happy. It is a need for us for to stay healthy and happy. The group has colaborated with a local music related company and we will be providing events and services information on music also.

Dance, music and socializing is a healthy and fun activity. You do not have to the best in the world to experience the health and joy it bring. Scientifically dance and music is a proven source of happiness, fitness, improving self confidence, building interesting hobby/skill and a perfect source of releasing stress and also a great therapy to avoid or fight Alzheimer. "Come and experience it yourself" Smile!

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