What we're about

Join if you recognise yourself in one of those:
- I like exercising but gyms sort of depress me (especially alone with tunz tunz music in the background)
- I like playing team sports
- I wouldn't mind going for a swim but I manage to find excuses not to go (e.g. it's now the perfect time to do the washing up)
All "couch 🥔 when alone but totally into sports if done in company", unite! There's nothing wrong with being a chilled, sociable athlete and enjoying the company more than the goal of getting fit or the competition.
I imagine this group as a platform where many admins can create events like "going for a swim tmrw at the sports village around 6, wanna join?", or "I'm up for a jog in Rowntree in a couple of hours" or "who wants to shoot a few balls next weekend?". Just ask me to be an admin and I'll add you! Or simply join the group and come along.
Go go "lazy bums with potential". Super sociable and proud ✌🏼✌🏽✌🏾✌🏻

Potential new members, a recognisable pic is requested.
If you can't attend, please let us know by modifying your status at the event.

PS: had no idea but meetup is not a free service (whaaaat???). We'll ask for a £1 membership every 6 months so we can cover the costs of keeping the group going. Please bring it along at your first sports event and give to one of the administrators. If we exceed the needed amount (& hopefully we will), let's use the rest for a nice social.

Upcoming events (1)

Chilled badminton

York Sports Centre

Come along for some relaxed badminton and meet other former couch potatoes. Bring your own racket and comfy sport clothes to change into! Use of showers is also an option after the game. The court is £9.50 per hour, if we make it 8 players at the most we can book 2 courts and play doubles if necessary. RSVP is required before Friday of the week before as Graham needs to book the court one week in advance. Please transfer £3 (1 for the membership if it's your first session, to keep this group going, and 2 for the court booking) to Graham by Thursday of the week before, he'll contact you with his details by private message once you RSVP. Thanks for your cooperation. ✌🏻✌️✌🏽

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Potatoes' first social!

Rowntree Park Reading Cafe

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