• Building Autonomous Microservices / Tackling Microservice Complexity with ISTIO

    Stralauer Allee 12, 10245 Berlin, Deutschland

    We are organizing a Meetup focusing on Microservices together with RedHat and MHPLab at Stralauer Allee 12 First talk: Building Autonomous Microservices Everybody loves Microservices, but is difficult to make it right. Distributed systems are much more complex to develop and maintain, and over time, we even miss the simplicity of old monoliths. In this talk, I propose a combination of Infrastructure, architecture, and design principles to make your microservices bulletproof and easy to maintain with a combination of high scalability, elasticity, fault tolerance, and resilience. In this session we also show how to deploy a fast, elastic, highly scalable and cloud-agnostic application with Kubernetes and Couchbase's Operator, which allow both your application and database adaptable to any demand with zero effort. ** Denis Rosa is a Developer Advocate for Couchbase and lives in Munich - Germany. He has a solid experience as a software engineer and speaks fluently Java, Python, Scala and Javascript. Denis likes to write about search, Big Data, AI, Microservices and everything else that would help developers to make a beautiful, faster, stable and scalable app. *********************************** Second Talk: Divide and Conquer - Tackling Microservice Complexity with ISTIO Enterprise Service Mesh Daniel Brintzinger is a Senior Solution Architect at Red Hat living in Berlin. He has been working as Developer, Consultant and Software Architect with focus on Service, Integration and Cloud Architectures. Daniel is passionate about Open Source, not just from a technological perspective but also as a cultural shift in the way we work and deliver greatness together. A G E N D A: 18:30 Open doors, beers and soft drinks 19:00 Talk Denis Rosa: Autonomous microservices – building bulletproof systems 19:45 Q&A 20:00 Talk Daniel Brintzinger: Divide and ConquerTackling Microservice Complexity with ISTIO Enterprise Service Mesh 20:45 Q&A 21:00 More beer and mingle

  • Couchbase on Full Metal Roadshow Berlin


    Herzlichen Dank für Ihr Interesse an dieser Veranstaltung. REGISTRATION (http://www.event-for-business.de/evm/event.php?eid=4599&status=teilnehmer&ref=99999999&src=mbm4#) Wir präsentieren die Veranstaltung "Couchbase on Full Metal" in Berlin in Partnerschaft mit Bigstep. Das kostenfreie Event bietet Ihnen eine Kombination aus Workshops und Präsentationen rund um Couchbase Server, die hoch performante und hoch skalierbare Datenbanklösung. Ein weiterer Schwerpunkt ist die Verwendung von Bigstep’s Full Metal Cloud. Session 1: Use Cases Anhand verschiedener Anwendungsbeispiele lernen Sie an diesem Tag auch, wie Unternehmen wie z.B: Amadeus (Kostenreduktion und bessere Performance)Ryanair (bessere Kundenerfahrung mit Couchbase mobile)oder auch ein großer deutscher Bezahlfernsehsender (effektives Skalieren bei wachsendem Kundenstamm)Couchbase Server in verschiedenen Applikationen einsetzen und so von NoSQL Technologien profitieren Couchbase Server in verschiedenen Applikationen einsetzen und so von NoSQL Technologien profitieren. Session 2: Technischer Überblick Verteilte Datenbank ArchitekturFunktionalitäten wie "Cross Data Center Replication"Backup/RestoreDatensicherheitN1QL - die SQL-basierte Abfragesprache für JSONDatenmodellierung und Entwicklung mit Couchbase Wer sollte teilnehmen? Als Entwickler, Architekt oder Administrator sind Sie hier richtig, oder wenn Sie mehr über Couchbase erfahren möchten. Was sollten Sie mitbringen? Bitte bringen Sie Ihren Laptop mit. Außerdem wird ein SSH-Client (z.B. Putty) und ein aktueller Web-Browser benötigt.

  • Social meet-up!

    Brauhaus Georgbraeu

    The night before our workshop at betahaus, let's meet for a beer or soft drink! Join us at Brauhaus Georgbraeu in Mitte. Look out for Matthew in the red Couchbase hoody. http://www.brauhaus-georgbraeu.de/

  • Couchbase on Azure


    Azure is becoming an important part of the devops armoury and it provides an ideal home for Couchbase Server. In this meet-up Martin Esmann, (https://twitter.com/martinesmann) Couchbase's Developer Advocate specialising in .NET, he will present on Hosting Couchbase Server in Windows Azure. Yes it is definitely possible to host Couchbase Server in Windows Azure, but as with many things there is some setup that need to be done. In this session you will learn how to host Couchbase server in Windows Azure. We will discuss all the setup steps required from installation to configuration. The closing demo will show you how to connect to the newly created cluster using the Couchbase .NET SDK. Deploying Couchbase Server to Azure (http://www.couchbase.com/connect/agenda/quickly-deploying-couchbase-server-azure/)

  • An evening with Couchbase


    Welcome to our first meetup in Berlin! Stop by for a whole evening on everything Couchbase, with people from Couchbase there to answer questions and talking about everything related to NoSQL as well as designing Applications around Couchbase. Philipp Fehre is going to speak about Fullstack JavaScript with Couchbase, using Node.js + Couchbase to build applications ready to scale. More speakers are coming soon.