Scaling Multi-Dimensional Databases with Couchbase

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Join us on December 2nd over at WeWorks - Charging Bull's Office to learn about new DevOp tools to scale your applications.

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25 Broadway, New York, NYC

Containers are enabling developers to package their applications and underlying dependencies in new ways that are portable and work consistently everywhere.

Configuration information for an application and included database such as appropriate ports, firewall rules, and other policies can be easily configured and managed in a containerized world. Containers reduce the impedance mismatch between development, testing, staging, and production. It also improves the velocity with which the technology stack for building an application can be easily created.

In this talk, William Hoang (, Mobile Developer Advocate, we will introduce Couchbase Server with Mobile and how to setup Couchbase to run in a Kubernetes cluster. Attendees will learn how to scale this cluster up or down and walk through on how to get Couchbase running on the Tectonic CoreOS stack.