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TechonomyBIO - June 17th at The Computer History Museum.

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Join us for the inaugural Techonomy Bio conference, Tuesday, June 17th, at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California.

Technology and exponential increases in processing power are driving a rapid acceleration in the progress of bio-discovery and life sciences. Health and medicine, fuel and energy, agriculture and manufacturing all are being impacted by the advances being made by bio-innovators and entrepreneurs who understand the vast untapped potential of biological driven progress.

Come hear DIYbio mavens Eri Gentry of BioCurious and Ellen Jorgensen of Genspace, Stewart Brand of the Long Now Foundation, Drew Endy of Stanford, Jim Flatt of Synthetic Genomics, David Haussler of UC Santa Cruz, Andrew Hessell of Autodesk, Floyd Romesberg of The Scripps Research Institute, Beth Seidenberg of Kleiner Perkins, and others for a half day conversation about technology's impact on the rapidly accelerating, world changing progress in bio and life sciences. - See more at

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