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Welcome to Boston Countryside Cruisers! See our 2020 Newsletter here: CLICK HERE for 2020 Spring Newsletter (https://drive.google.com/open?id=1GzIRCyLA8LjTYNDVIlxvH2zqBc0L5ITL) BCC is a motorcycle meet-up group for riders of 2 and 3-wheeled motorized vehicles. It doesn't matter what you ride, only that you ride. Our group is about enjoying the backcountry roads of New England at a leisurely pace, usually in groups of 10 or fewer motorbikes and in a relaxed social atmosphere. Rides start between the 128 and 495 belts, then head out for some great country roads - usually west or north. The ride could be a few hours or a full-day. We even do multi-day rides. “It's the not the Destination, It's the Journey.”

Come out and ride with us!

About our Rides...............

A posted ride will have a tentative ride map and a list of planned stops. We usually end up near, or where we started and plan rest stops with bathrooms and fuel every hour or so of a ride.

Rides are typically planned to avoid highways, but if we have to use one you will know before signing up for a ride and we'll keep the highway travel to a minimum. Our ride leaders set a pace that is within 5-10 MPH of the posted speed limit. If you have the need for speed, this isn't the group for you.

Rides often stop for a casual meal, ice cream, etc. along the way, at locally owned counter service establishments that are inexpensive.

Riders are always welcome to leave a ride early, but please communicate this with the Ride Leader so that no one is waiting and wondering. We've found that rides work better when all participants meet at the posted starting point together and are part of the safety briefing and ride description/Q&A, so we don't 'pick up' members at intermediate points along a ride.

We’re also about safety............

We believe in "Safe Riding Skills" which includes our members having a minimum of 1- year or 2000 miles of riding experience, and understanding the MSF Group Riding protocol (http://www.msf-usa.org/downloads/Group_Ride.pdf). Here's a good, 10-minute video on group riding (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erpkyD7SMfw). Bottom line - you must be comfortable with, and have the riding skills necessary to safely ride in a staggered motorcycle formation, maintaining a 2-second gap between you and the bike in front of you, without drifting from side to side in your lane or lagging behind. You must also be able to understand, act on, and pass along group safety hand signals. Click here (https://www.msf-usa.org/downloads/Group_Ride.pdf) for the MSF hand signals that we use. Ride leaders conduct a safety briefing before each ride including a review of commonly used hand signals.


Joining BCC.........

Boston Countryside Cruisers is free to join for a 30-day trial period, after which you will be asked for an annual dues payment of $ 5 if you wish to remain with the group. All members must complete our 2020 Waiver Form which you MUST fill out online BEFORE your first ride with us. Fill out the form here: https://forms.gle/hNNnpp4d26M9FREw6

All Boston Countryside Cruisers rides will:

• Be open to all 2 or 3 wheeled motorized conveyances.

• Be thoughtfully planned.


• Usually have 10 or fewer vehicles.

• Stay within 10 mph of the speed limit nearly all of the time.

• Choose back roads over highways.

• Be a relaxed and fun way to meet other riders.


2020 Leadership Group:

"TJ" Co-Organizer [2015]

Karen S. Assistant organizer [2018]

Kevin Buckley Event Organizer [2013]

Bob G. Event organizer [2014]

George Faidell Event organizer [2015]

Kamenko Event organizer [2015]

Bob Rabideau Event organizer [2016]

Sharon M. Event Organizer [2019]

Kelly Event Organizer [2020]

Steve W, Event Organizer [2020]

And our Founding Member, emeritus,
Kevin Buckley
Founding Organizer
Joined Aug 30, 2013, retired from Leadership Team 2018 Back 2020

Come Out and Ride with Us!

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