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Coupled Up Fellas Cigar Night

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FELLAS! (okay, ladies, if you wish you may join us too)

But it's about time for the Brothers to go play...

...and so let's go where men-folk play and do what men-folk do...

CIGARS!...some some trash... if you have to ask the Wife, that's fine, but I reserve to talk about you...BAD!

Do what you must to join us!

...and no, no "pretty" pictures of fancy's a MAN thing doggone it! the way, Ashton does not carry my brand thus I carry my own, so I'll be making a stop at Harry's (a very cool cigar shop! my fave! -Harry's Smoke Shop 14 North 3rd Street, Phila., PA 19106) before we connect, so if you care to join me just meet there around 5:30pm or so...

Some details:

Ashton does serve food (I think)

You can buy Cigars at Ashton

Leave your coats in the car, wear something readily washable (unless of course you and the Wife enjoy that lingering cigar smoke aroma...)

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