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I have found it so beneficial to have other couples to speak with to help give perspective to my own life and relationship. This group is intended to be a casual environment and safe space for couples (ages 24-38) to come and share their thoughts, feelings, questions, fears, doubts, and success stories without judgement so that others can help talk them through it/learn from it. It also helps if you have 1 or 2 cocktails to help those hard truths go down a little smoother! This group is meant to be a fun mix of story telling, experience sharing, thought provoking questions to enhance positive and open communication, and of course cocktails at a bar happy hour or over brunch.

The group is targeted toward young adult couples/partners who fall into any or all of the following categories:

• Just started dating and just looking for other couples to hang out with

• Couples who just need an outside unbiased perspective to help with arguments they cant settle

• Couples where one partner does not want to go see a real therapist

• Couples who have just reached a new milestone in their relationship

• Couples who want to work on healthier communication habits

• Couples wondering what they might need to expect the next phase of their relationship (marriage, living together, etc)

• Couples in their first few years of marriage who are still working through finance, living together, kids discussions, etc

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Couples "Hiking" Therapy (Pet Friendly Event)

Windy Run Park

Couples "Rooftop Happy Hour" Therapy

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New Years Brunch Therapy!!

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