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Dan and Kathy are offering a Creative Arts Psychotherapy Group where we will provide a virtual space where couples can meet other couples and explore the dynamics of their relationship. In this group there will be the potential to gain a better understanding of couple relational patterns and ways that these might be changed - and have some fun in the process.


Exercises will be provided to explore each couples’ attachment style and how that plays out in their relationship - as well as offering the opportunity to gain insight into the impact of life experiences.

Dan and Kathy have many years of experience working creatively and psycho-dynamically with individuals and couples. In the group we will provide collective exercises using the body and movement, as well as the opportunity to express oneself with voice, song, percussion and stories. Role-play enactments will be offered to explore life experiences.

Although the sessions will be pre-planned we will also go with the life and energy of the group, and at all times honor being in the moment.

Having worked together in the past and considering working together with couples, we think this could be a fruitful time. We are aware of the ongoing stress that Covid-19 and lock-down has on couple relationships and feel this six week group could provide an opportunity to really understand the relationship dynamics, and help move through this stressful time.

We will provide couples with helpful tools to manage their current stress and difficulties, which they can take forward into their lives beyond Covid-19.

Dan and Kathy plan to continue running these groups throughout the year, hopefully face to face, as soon as it is allowed/recommended.

WHEN: Dates: 18/9, 9/10, 30/10, 1311, 20/11, 11/12 - and then ongoing.

TIME: Fridays 6:30 - 8:30 PM

WHERE: online on Zoom and then hopefully also at a studio in Wapping or similar inner London location in accordance with the developing COVID-19 situation.

FEE: £30 per person or £60 per couple - per session/meeting

You are very welcome to write to us via email on: couplescreativetherapy@gmail.com about any questions you may have regarding the six session group starting September 18th and to book. A discounted fee is available when booked in advance before August 31st, at only £180 per person, as above. This particular group is only for couples. We look forward to hearing from you. Warm wishes, Dan and Kathy


I am a Family and Systemic Psychotherapist, Dramatherapist, Yoga teacher and clinical supervisor with over 30 yrs experience of working in mental health services with adult individuals, couples, families and children with experience of trauma.

I have spent my entire adult life working in the NHS as a general nurse, psychiatric nurse, dramatherapist and family and systemic psychotherapist and clinical supervisor.

My career development choices have been made while listening to my heart and my gut and more recently took me to India last year where I completed a 200 hr yoga training.

Body work and creativity has always been a part of my work as a therapist and I see work with the body and creativity as being intrinsic to healing and growth.

Alongside my working career has been a commitment to my own therapy to try and heal and understand my own traumas and give me a better understanding of myself, my family and my relationships. I have had experience of individual, couple, group, and family therapy using both talking and creative methods and my therapeutic practice is greatly informed by my therapy processing work.

My current work is with families with children on the CAMHS waiting list and including families with adults with their own mental health difficulties. I facilitate a weekly dramatherapy group for trainee dramatherapists. I also work with privately referred individuals, couples and families. I give supervision to family and arts therapists.


I graduated as a Dramatherapist from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in 2000 and have over 20 years experience working with children, young people and adults in various settings. I am NHS employed by the London Borough of Sutton as a Dramatherapist and work for Sutton Clinical Health Team, where I have worked for over 14 years. Here, as the placement manager, I also supervise Dramatherapy Roehampton University students which is ongoing.

I am a registered Clinical Supervisor and offer supervision to all professionals who work in the Health and Caring professions including councilors, therapists, nurses, doctors, teachers, social workers and care workers.

I teach Introduction to Dramatherapy at the City Literary Institute in Covent Garden throughout the year. I previously worked at ‘Studio Upstairs’ - the arts community with a therapeutic concern for 8 years, where I facilitated the Psycho-therapeutic Performance Group in a mental health setting, as well as supervising students and volunteers.

I have worked with women and men who experience domestic abuse, in the London Borough of Greenwich for ‘Tryangle Project 2011’, where Augusto Boal’s Psych-Educational Forum Theatre (Theatre of the Oppressed) is at the heart of the work.

I regularly facilitate and make use of Forum Theatre, Playback Theatre and Gabriel Roth‘s Five Rhythms, as a part of my Dramatherapy practice; as well as the more traditional ways of working in Dramatherapy. Through my life I have accessed therapy which has supported my development as a Danish born gay therapist and now contributes to my therapy work, running men’s groups in central London.

I have worked closely with Family Therapists, Music Therapists, Art Therapists and Dance/Movement Psychotherapists. Working with other related disciplines has inspired me and contributed to the development of my own clinical practice.

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Couples Creative Arts Psychotherapy

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Couples Creative Arts Psychotherapy

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Couples Creative Arts Psychotherapy

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