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We’re a social group of people who enjoy good food, interesting people, and a good environment for mingling. So, if you are looking to get out and meet new couples, this is the place to be. In our group, you will meet with other couples for dinner in the Sarasota area at some really nice restaurants where you can put on the Ritz as well as maybe meet for pizza and beer. We try to do at least one dinner out each month, including two big beach parties per year.

Members are nearly all in the “over 45” age group; about half are retired. There are dues of $20 per couple per year, to cover costs of this site, name tags, room charges and other expenses. When you sign up, you’re a trial member until you pay your annual dues through Meetup. NOTE: Dues are suspended during pandemic.

Please note: We need/want only one registration per couple. In everything we do, we assume that the person registering for an event is one half of a couple. So if you and your other both join, then both sign up for a dinner, that would be counted as four attending. But there's only two of you. So, please only one profile or RSVP per couple.

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Dinner at TripleTail Restaurant

Needs a location

In just over a year, this restaurant specializing in seafood has gained a solid reputation in Sarasota. And we’re going to join them for dinner on August 20. FYI, we will be seated outside on their covered patio, which is kept pretty cool.

It’s a fixed price package – appetizer, entrée and dessert for the package price of $48.27 – including everything except your drinks. And, naturally, the main course will be the signature fish on the restaurant logo: TripleTail. If you’re not familiar, trust me, it’s a delicious, flakey white fish. And we’re promised a generous portions, all with tasty sides.

Dinner will be served at 5:45 (ahead of their big dinner rush), and we’ll be seated at tables of 4 or 6. I heartedly recommend being at or near a table by 5:30. We’re limited to 20 couples, but do remember that’s 40 people. So the wait staff and kitchen will be hopping.

Even more than usual, Jay and I want you to be sure you show up if you sign up. Any no-shows will kill our reputation with this restaurant group. And we don’t want that, or the embarrassment of coming up short. So if you sign up, then have to cancel, CANCEL ON LINE well ahead so the next couple on the wait list get to attend.


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Time at last for a dining group get together

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