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This group is only for couples, just for meeting casually and have good time with each other.

Please fill complete details of you and your spouse without this we will not approve any member. your details will be verified by Admin.

This meet up group is for Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane, so there will be meet up happening at all places Mumbai, Navi Mumbai & Thane.. infact Pune couples too, as we get request from Pune couples for joining this group, those who travel between Mumbai - Pune.

There is no age limit for this group but couple should be likeminded and respect each other. do not have issues with age, we are just here to make new friends of different professions, culture and know them. The purpose of this group is purely friendship.

Plans for meet up : This is very interesting Question / topic here, what we guys gonna do?

We can do many activities, like have dinner together on weekend (Friday / Saturday / Sunday), have drinks together, house parties, pot lug, watch movies, go for outing, a day / night trip near by, also plan for long holiday of a 5-6 days(week)- instead of going just as single couple with kids, we all/Maximum can go and enjoy. After some years when we see photograph in our folders, it will be in our memories. can visit any old age homes/NGO organization/ Orphanage. and support them with whatever we can.

If any couples is not attending 2 meet ups, without valid reason, then we will remove them from the group. as the meet is created to meet new people and make friends as couple / Family. we are not looking for increasing our group nos, just by adding you.. if you are not able come for meet then don't join.

Please note suggestions are always welcome for meet up and extending group, being part of group only you can make this meet up group successful...

The organizers have no commercial gain or vested interest involved besides creating a platform where couples can meet from friendship perspective.

Now Some Strict Rules :

No Nuisance, will be accepted in this group. If any complaint from any member, you will be directly thrown out of group. please respect each other and be good friends..

Its couple meet up group. not single meet up. no single is allowed. so single please don't send request.

Organizer is not responsible for any inappropriate behavior of any members, but if any complaints comes from any members especially female member the person will be directly banned and legal action can also be taken against him.

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