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Nihao! Liho! Hello! Hola! bonjour! Konichiwa! Hallo! This is Tipsy Taipei Cafe&bar AND Taipei Taipei Hostel!! Having problem to order food in the night market?! Hesitating to take a bite of the famous " stinky tofu"? Want to share your special experience during your travel? What is the "must do" or "must don't" when we visit your country? Or let us teach you how to speak some useful mandarin during your stay here?! Come and find out what's special about Taiwan :) If you're also traveling here, why not come meet some backpackers to enjoy the city together ;) We'll be more than happy if we could help you to plan a perfect day in Taipei! Event 1 - NIGHT MARKET TOUR Time: 6:30pm to 8-ish Meet up at: Tipsy Taipei Cafe&Bar (2F) Event 2 - Culture & Travel Info Exchange Time: from 7:30pm to 12am Location: Tipsy Taipei Cafe&Bar (2F) Notice: There is an attendance fee ( 1 drink or food) for event 2~

TipsyTaipei Cafe&BAR

2F,No.63,ZhongQing South Road Section 1, Taipei, tw · Taipei


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Wants to know about Taiwanese Couture ? or don't have any plans to visit Taiwan. Just drop your travel guide books and come to join us. We hope you can know more locals and get the tourist information from them and exchange yours. See you soon.

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