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We are an Eclectic Wiccan Coven which is actually comprised of two Covens that recently merged: Coven of the Mysterious Moonflower and Sacred Order of the Black Cat; both Covens have been practicing many years together and most recently decided to merge as one!!

Anyone who is interested in celebrating Sabbats, Esbats, and meeting for social gatherings should join us to see what we are all about. We would love to have you so long as your search is an altruistic one.

Please note that you must have a valid picture attached to your profile and must answer all introductory questions thoroughly in order to be accepted into this group. Furthermore, if you have not attended any events for either coven before, you are required to meet at least one of our Organizers at our Meet and Greets before attending any events.

Also, we MUST INSIST that all cell phone be turned off and on vibrate mode prior to the commencement of any event. If you MUST take a call during a Ritual, you will need to be "cut out of the Circle", and then cut back in when your call is completed. Same rule applies for cell phone usage during any classes. You will have to remove yourself from the class in order to take a call. However, please note that the class will continue without you.

We require at least 24 hours advance notice if you need to change your RSVP from a "yes" to a "no". If you cancel within that 24 hour period, you will be marked as a "No Show". If you have been marked as a "No Show" 3 times during the course of your membership in the Coven, you will be promptly removed as a member, as we want to keep this Coven running smoothly for members that are serious and courteous about attending events.

In addition, if you have not been active for more than three months, you will be removed as a member in order to make space for new interested members.

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