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Cowtown motorcycle group aka C.M.G. are a copyright social riding organization.

Open to riders of any type, brand, and style of motorcycle of 500cc and above. To join the Cowtown Motorcycle Group just click on the Join us! Box in the upper right-hand corner of the home page and follow the prompts. You don’t absolutely have to RSVP for a Meetup or Ride but we do like to have an idea on how many bikes to expect. It helps us plan things like food stops and rest/gas stops. As a courtesy to the ride host, if you RSVP for an event and for any reason you are unable to attend, please take a moment and change your RSVP so we don’t wonder where you are, or start the ride late waiting for you to arrive.

We will plan rides, have social events, and trade ideas on the message board. Subjects relating to motorcycles and the people who ride them are preferred but we do allow a little leeway because “the people who ride them” is pretty general. If you want to get real deep into political or religious discussions there are much better places to do that than here.

Please join us on one of our rides. For most of us this is what it’s all about. Just pick a Meetup that looks interesting to you and show up at the designated time and place. Please don’t be late and have a full tank of gas to start the ride. Don’t be shy about introducing yourself and please ask any questions that you may have. The person leading the ride (Road Captain, Ride Leader, whatever you want to call them) will determine the starting point, route, destination, and all aspects of how the ride is to be conducted. Remember that riding in a group does not mean you surrender any decision making when it comes to your safety. Ride your own ride, and don't go any faster than you feel comfortable going!

The organizers of this group have a few requirements of it members. These rules are to to help ensure the safety, peace of mind, and enjoyment of all other riders.

1) Motorcycle 500cc and above in good working condition.

2) Class M endorsement or learners permit (you may be asked to show license).

3) Minimum liability insurance (you may be asked to show proof).

4) You must attend a at least one ride within 30 days of joining and complete the questionnaire upon joining. Read carefully and complete all questions. No smart ass answers will be accepted)

5) Profile picture must be of you with your face visible. Upon attending your first Meetup dinner or ride, contact an organizer. This way we know you and your profile are one and same, and helps protect our members for spammers.

6) Members drinking on a ride are on the honor system . Regulate yourself but be aware that we watch for someone that has had too much too drink. If we believe that you are a danger to yourself or others, you may be asked to take a cab or leave the group.

You acknowledge that by joining this group you are assuming risks, and agree not to hold organizers liable for any injury and/or damages incurred during a CMG event and or ride. All riders must carry minimum liability insurance and hold a Class M endorsement and/or learner's permit. Any organizer may ask any member to show their license and/or proof of insurance prior to the start of any ride.

We ride to have fun, and when we ride with a group mentality, our rides are better and safer for everyone. Members found acting inappropriately may be asked to leave the group permanently after the organizers hear both sides of the story and put the decision to a vote. If a member does not like the flow of any ride, they are welcome to tap out at any time. Please inform an organizer before leaving the ride so we can account for you. Riding is not about the destination, but all about the ride!

Cowtown motorcycle group aka C.M.G. are a copyright social riding organization. It's logos and color scheme are the creative and intellectual property of Cowtown motorcycle group and Robert A Lapointe. No reproduction allowed with out the prior written consent. We do not discriminate against race, gender, color , creed, religion , motorcycle or the fact that some members may originate from states other the Texas.

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