TBC: Belfast C++ Landscape & Lightning Talks

Needs a location


This meetup will cover a few things.

First - as in other meetups - I'll give an update of the WG21 Belfast meeting and a run through of the schedule for ACCU Autumn which has now been decided and will be published well before this meeting.

Second - I'd like to start building a picture of the C++ landscape in Belfast. Where people work, how big their teams are, what domains they work in, what compilers they use, what libraries, what kind of work and so on. C++ is a truly diverse language used in many places and I'd love to start building a picture of this. I'll reach out during the month to see what information I can get and we can collectively take a look at it during the meetup.

Last, but most important - rather than do another longer talk this time around I'd like to host some lightning talks from you all. I'll offer one up myself also! The topic should be loosely related to C++ but does not have to specifically be a C++ talk. For example a talk on design could fly. Experience reports are fine, topics on current work are all good. I suggest 5 to 10 minutes for a talk. Preferably no longer.

I'd ask that people reach out to me directly or through the meetup to have your talk added to a list. Once I have a few I'll update the event to reflect the state of play.