Typedef and the template factory — A series of techniques to trick your compiler

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We will make this code compile :

static_assert(call_>>,i_<101>>::type::value == 5050, "I now have your attention");

But what is that ??!!

That's right we'll talk about compile-time evaluation and other tricks!
We'll discuss some ways to abuse the type systems of C++ to work for you at the cost of your sanity.
The pros and cons ( const? ) of different approachs.
A discussion on the differents metaprogramming library available like Boost::hana, Boost::mpl, kvasir::mpl, etc.
The hundreds of pitfall of those technics.
Why I dislike unsigned int in compile time.
typedef > using;
And for those of you that love constexpr, this compile under Gcc4.3... which doesn't have constexpr implemented !!
Come and see the madness in action on November 20th

This meetup will be held at UQAM's Pavillon Kennedy in room PK-1320. The doors open at 6 pm. Pizza will be served, thanks to our sponsor Druide Informatique inc. Thanks for updating your RSVP in case you cannot make it.

6:00 pm Doors open. Time to arrive, eat, discuss and network.
6:30 to 7:00 pm Short announcements and presentations
8:00 to 8:30 pm Discussions and networking
9:00 pm Regroup outside and walk to a nearby bar


La présentation sera donnée en anglais. Veuillez vous référer à la description anglaise qui se trouve ci-dessus pour les détails sur l'événement.