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1. Do you yearn for a deeper connection with GOD?

2. Have you longed to feel the experience of lasting abundance, bliss, peace, and wholeness that is not dependent on external circumstances?

3.Are you tired of those fleeting emotional highs?

4. Have you longed to feel moved and inspired by the bible?

5. Have you felt moved from a sermon but soon went back to your same negative thought patterns?

6. Are you intrigued by the bible but are turned off by some of the jarring interpretations?

If you answered yes to any of these questions than know that you are on your way to true spiritual freedom.

What if I told you that all the bliss, joy, wonder, awe, freedom, abundance you ever wanted was within you and right at your fingertips?

All it takes is an open mind and a willingness to challenge conventional thinking.

Cracking the Code is an interactive bible class created to help you experience all of the bliss, joy, wonder, awe, abundance and freedom you ever wanted and help you realize that it is available to you from the bible.

This is not your Momma's bible study as we will be decoding the hidden messages veiled in this sacred text.

Think of it as a biblical treasure hunt where you will find the treasure that lies *within you*. Magnitude is your birthright. You don't have to take my word for it, the journey , the experience will speak for itself.

This journey has been a long time coming. Like many of you I have tried to read the bible numerous times, grappling with the messages waiting for my soul to awaken.

Unfortunately my soul remained dormant.

The bible is the inspired by the word of GOD! What was wrong with me? What was I not getting?

Deep down I know that there were many people in my position, many lost souls like mine trying to find its way back home. Waiting for that shift to happen. Where was the power in the word?

I've grappled with this for years as I would teeter back and forth between the word and back.

I wanted so much to be transformed.

I wanted so much for that shift to happen.

It was late one night that I discovered the secret code hidden in the bible. It led me on a quest to question certain passages in the bible: "Could the talking snakes actually symbolize false beliefs, ego temptations, lies from the ego. "

" Could the burning bushes really be speaking to Our Heavenly Father's mercy ?"

"Might the staff turning into a snake be referring to dangers one will face if he or she yields to the ego? "

"Could the parting of the Red Sea-represent the barriers we must overcome in order to get to the promise land ? "

It all started to make sense. And as it came together, through my exploration, unraveling the mysteries, and diligent bible study, I was able to transform my relationship with the Divine. With God. I started to build a real relationship with God, a real connection founded on abundance and bliss. God became an experience not a theoretical concept through this new study of the bible. That's when I realized we have the keys to true freedom and true transformation. Unfortunately many of us do not know it. You see I believe that many of us know of God but a lot of us have not experienced his presence.

The class will start from Genesis all the way to Revelations. Each class will focus on one scripture so that we can have time to marinate on the passages.

This class is strictly for those who are ready for a spiritual adventure, lasting stimulation because that is what the true biblical experience is.

So I ask you this one last question- Are you ready for lasting changes, breakthroughs, and true transformation? I hope the answer is yes, if so, then I invite you to join me. Contact Sylvia Ike to Register: chyny18@aol.com

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