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Craft Meetup
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Emarsys CraftLab

V. kerület, 1053, Kossuth Lajos utca 7-9, 2. em. · Budapest

How to find us

5-minute walk from Astoria tube station (M2), you start walking on Kossuth Lajos utca, you have to pass Eurostar Hotel and walk toward Reáltanoda utca. Emarsys is located in the Regus Office building.

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We are proud to present a special edition Craft Meetup as part of the Meetup Evening, which is a warmup event for the Craft Conference.
1st presentation- Sander Mak: Java 9 Modularity in Action
With Java 9, modularity comes to your doorstep (whether you ordered it or not). This isn’t your average language feature: making the most out of it may involve rewiring your brain. In this session we explore the benefits of a modular codebase using Java 9 modules. Because who doesn’t like more reliable and secure applications, meanwhile killing the dreaded classpath? After reviewing the basic concepts of modules, we’ll explore other new features like services and linking that enhance your design and development skills. Want examples? We’ve got plenty in this practical and code-driven talk. Even if you intend to use Java 9 without modules at first, this talk helps you prevent common issues. You’ll be ready for Java 9 before you know it.

2nd presentation- Erik Wilde: Surfing the Web: The Path of the Dev
The Web is an amazingly robust and constantly evolving body of shared concepts. Most developers today use APIs as a standard way of how capabilities are encapsulated and exposed. For some popular APIs, SDKs may allow developers to conveniently ignore API details. For API designers and users of less popular APIs, however, understanding how Web APIs work helps a lot to become a better designer and user of them. [Web Concepts]( captures many standards that can help to design better APIs, and to easier understand well-designed APIs. In this presentation, Erik briefly explains the idea behind Web Concepts. He also demos how the site can be forked and customized to cover and document a "personalized Web API surface" that helps developers and organizations to better understand *which Web surface* they are surfing, and *which of their APIs* expose certain Web concepts.

3rd presentation- Finn Lorbeer: Building a High Quality Product
Over the past years, Finn has been working for ThoughtWorks as a Product Quality Specialist. He realized that in many teams, despite all changes towards more agile environments, the role of a QA is still so often viewed to be the release and test manager. This is really surprising because caring about quality is so much more than “testing”. The quality of a product can only be understood, if the entire environment is understood in the first place. This includes the business value as much as the system architecture of the product. As a result, the classic QA role is stretched far beyond managing tests and releases to coaching and facilitating delivery teams. Furthermore, all developers are much more involved in test and their automation so that the classic "tester" role slowly dissolves. Finn argues that we need to embrace this change. Once we understand to view the big picture in software development teams, we can apply wider tools and methods in order to build a high quality product, not just a high quality software.

This event will be in English. The venue opens at 5.30 pm. The presentations start at 6:00 pm, so please don't be late! After the talks it's pizza-time (maybe beer, too.)