What we're about

Hi there!

I'm a self-taught crafter, gardener, and cook. I started this group to connect with folks who love to share ideas, inspiration, recipes and food with friends.

I'd like to meet up with others for things like:

crafty nights
meal swaps
garden start swaps
and more!

These meet ups could be structured around learning a particular craft, but mostly it's an opportunity to work on our own projects with a fun, friendly group of fellow Crafty/DIY peeps. I figure we can morph into group projects as we gather steam, so feel free to chime in with suggestions and requests too!

I have a private fitness studio at my house in South Tabor where we can meet, but it's in a residential area so I don't post the address here. But if you'd like to join us, just let me know and I can send you directions.


Past events (19)

Crafty Night!

Trainer, Crafter, Kristin's studio

Move Better So You Can Craft Better!

Online Webinar - See Below for Registration Details

Crafty Night + Intro to Somatics for Crafters

Needs a location

Crafty Night!

Needs a location

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