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What stops us from finishing or starting that project? From moving forward? From being the best we can be? From being ourselves? From connecting us with our truth?

Stress is one of the biggest contributing factors. It creeps in and blocks our ability to learn, do and be. Sometimes, stress even prevents us from caring about anyone or anything!

Come join us experience whole-brain integration through whole-body movement utilizing simple activities based in Educational Kinesiology and more specifically, Brain Gym®. This system relieves stress naturally, and quickly enhances brain function. CranioConnections can help increase self awareness and assist in re-patterning thoughts and behaviors. Please note, this is a movement based program, so we will be up and moving around, just a little (the movements are truly very simple).

Would you like to:

• Alleviate stress and maximize your full potential

• Produce positive change

• Reach personal / professional goals

• Remove learning blocks

• Optimize attention and concentration

• Increase memory and organizational skills

• Enjoy better communication and relationships

• Expand learning potential, creativity and productivity

With CranioConnections, you will learn to notice how you move, feel and act, and become more aware of the slight changes necessary to make big changes in your life.

Live Life in the Present!!! Feel the joy of learning new things and re-discovering old ones.

Come join us and remove those blocks that keep you from your You-ness!

Cindy is also available to consult and facilitate individualized private and group sessions. She offers Brain Gym® workshops throughout the year and is also available for presentations.

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