Past Meetup

Day Hike the Billy Goat Trail, Great Falls National Park


Hike on the MD Side of Great Falls on Billy Goat Trail 'A'!

November 10th· 10Am
Great Falls Tavern Visitor Center

Hike on Billy Goat Trail 'A'!

Unlike most popular hiking trails, Billy Goat Trail 'Section A', offers up lots of rock scrambles around or over boulders, plenty of rocky terrain, a short but steep scramble up a cliff face, and heaps of breathtaking views of the Potomac River.

Come on out and climb the boulders with us for good times! What is rock scrambling you might ask? Anytime you have to use your hands to get over rocks or steep parts, we call it rock scrambling. No special gear is necessary for scrambling (gloves optional) and the scramble is only a portion of the hike.


This can be a dangerous hike due to the rocky terrain, uneven ground, boulders, and cliff.

This is a strenuous trail and possibly hike at your own risk! (read note below for more details of the hike).

Come prepared for a hard work out that is lots of fun. I don't want to scare you, just be aware and be careful.....this is no walk in the hike at your own risk.

The general pace at which we hike is too fast for some and not fast enough for others. I can't promise everyone will be happy. But I sure will try! ;)

The trail is around 5 miles. After the Billy Goat trail we can stop at the waterfall lookout point on the way back to the picnic table area. It is quite beautiful and definitely worth seeing. Note, this will add about 30 minutes to the time. It is a great photo spot!

Plan for around 2 & 1/2 - 3 hrs total.
We will stop for the views but only briefly.

Bring water, snacks, gloves, sunscreen, bug spray, camera, and optional cool sunglasses, dress appropriately for the weather, wearing closed toe shoes with ankle support is highly suggested.

After the hike we can continue socializing with some food and cheer at the Wild Tomato!

7945 MacArthur Boulevard
Cabin John, MD 20818

Note: Sorry but the park rules are there are no dogs allowed on trail "A"


Go to the main entrance of Great Falls on the Maryland Side.
Pay Ranger Rick $5 or get an annual park pass for $20 which is good for both VA & MD.

Meet us by the refreshment stand near the entrance circle by the parking lot.

We are leaving for the hike at 930AM. Please be on time so you don't get left behind.
If you are left behind, go take a hike! ;)

If you can't find us, are lost, or just want to say hi, call my cell:[masked]
Texting is best as sometimes the service is not so great there for phone calls.

Since I make this a small group, please update your RSVP if you are unable to attend.

Thank you!