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We are going to meet about once a week or once every couple of weeks. At each meeting, one of us will make a "presentation" of an idea they came up with. The ideas can be from any field whatsoever (music, science, art, inventions, literature, entrepreneurship, society, film, psychology, or just about anything else), and they may range from the somewhat serious and sensible ... all the way to totally outrageous, bizarre and zany. Everyone else will listen and ask questions. They'll take the idea half-seriously (even if it appears to be completely insane). They will perhaps make fun of it, but in a good-natured kind of way.

"A playful, improvisational and humorous atmosphere quiets our inhibitions when ideas are incubating or newly hatched, and prevents creative ideas from being snuffed out or prematurely judged." (from "Little Bets", by Peter Sims)

It will be something like a cross between Dragons' Den (the tv show), a writers' group, and an improv comedy workshop. [If you're unfamiliar with "Dragons' Den": the participants are inventors and entrepreneurs who present their ideas (or inventions, or a business plan) to a group of venture capitalists or investors, and try to convince them to invest in their project. Now, on Dragons' Den, of course, it's all in earnest. It's not just for fun. The inventors/entrepreneurs typically will have been working on their invention/business for years; they want to be taken seriously; and the investors/VCs also are looking for something that will actually work, in the real world, and make money.] At The Craziest Ideas Club, things are a bit different. We let the ideas be as crazy and impractical and eccentric and whimsical and fantastic as they can be. And we just have fun with it.

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