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You’re feeling stuck around what to eat and how to go about creating a healthy, happy body that you love
You’re feeling tired, sluggish and run down
You need structure, support and accountability around healthy eating/living
You find it hard to carve out time for yourself and for self-care

My intention is to "wake you up" to a new way of thinking around food and healthy living so that you can create a healthy, happy body that you love.

I'm a holistic Health Coach and twin boy mom & I work with women who are unhappy with their body. I help them create a happy body they love.

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Vision Board: Create the HEALTHY BODY of your dreams!

WHAT IS YOUR INTENTION FOR YOUR HEALTH & BODY IN 2019? Come join me and create your own Vision Board to start manifesting the body and health of your dreams. We will be creating our own Vision Board, writing, cutting out magazine pics, paper clippings, photos etc I will be providing tips & tricks on how to create and use your board to maximize the manifestation powers. Since we only have 2 hours, the focus will be on Health/Body goals but feel free to add other areas to your Vision board too if there is time. As inspiration : Travel✈️ Creativity👩🏻‍🎨 Relationships💏 Career/Dream 👩🏼‍🏫 Reputation 👸🏻 Spiritual Growth/Personal Development Family 👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 Health & Body Financial Wealth 💵 I'm a Holistic Health Coach and I work with people who are unhappy with their health & body. I help them create a healthy body they love. Materials provided but feel free to bring your own magazines/personal photos (or very specific pictures of yourself at your ideal weight or enjoying your ideal health that you can print in color from the internet) if you want to include those. LIMITED SPOTS! I ask you to please update your RSVP if you cannot make it so others who do, get a chance to join!

Want to Create a Healthy Body You Love?

Needs a location

I'm looking for 6 people who have the desire to create a healthy body they love in a group setting ❤ Program: Total Body Transformation Duration: 90 Days Sessions: 3 online session/month + group support in FB group and via email. This is perfect for you if you've fallen off track and are feeling unhappy with your body and health and need the right system, support and accountability to get back on track towards your body & health goals. This program is for you if you: 💟Suffer from low energy 💟Have cravings for sugar or carb foods like bread and cookies 💟Tend to hold on to weight despite your best efforts at making healthy foods choices You might be thinking: - I'm too busy! 👉 if you have time to get lost on Social media scrolling and binge watch Netflix then you have time for this! - If it wasn't for the money! 👉 I offer this program at a ridiculously low investment amount. It's all about priorities. What will it cost you and your family in the future (and I'm not just talking about money) to stay stuck? - I've tried so many things but nothing really worked! 👉I would like to invite you to consider the possibility that you haven't tried everything yet, that there is hope. Don't let whatever you're telling yourself in your head, prevent you for living your best life and create the healthy body of your dreams. If you want to wake up bursting with energy, in an amazing mood, with glowing skin, free of cravings, in a healthy, happy body you love, then you’re exactly in the right place! By participating in this program, you'll go from: 💟 Not knowing what to eat -> to having a very clear understanding of which foods serve you and which foods don't and ultimately we will rewire your brain to be automatically drawn to the healthy food that give you energy and make you feel amazing, reducing the need for willpower. 💟Eating foods that are toxic without even knowing it -> to eating cleansing, healing, delicious foods and be inspired by amazing healthy recipes. We'll learn how to simplify your meals without compromising taste. 💟 Feeling unhappy with your body -> to bursting with energy, living in a healthy body you love. These are just 3 of the things that The Total Body Transformation group coaching pilot program that kicks off in January 2019 will teach you: 💟 How to build your meal for creating a healthy body you love 💟 How to Identify High Energy Foods for your body. 💟 The importance of how you eat - it's a matter of staying stuck & creating the body of your dreams! To create the healthy body of your dreams and to find out if this program is a good fit for you, reply back to this message to request more info! To your Total Body Transformation! ❤ Johanna Holistic Health Coach & mom of 5 year old twin boys

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Unhappy with your body?

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