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***Welcome to the Creative Photography: Food, Rooms & People Meetup!!!***


Note: With the ongoing pandemic, most of the Meetup groups are in limbo/defunct. There is a lot of activity in our Facebook group however, the "Vancouver Photographers: for sharing, advice, collaborations & discussions", which you can find here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/vancouverphotographer/


The Creative Photography: Food, Rooms and People meetupis designed to allow photographers to collaborate together to:

a) get nicely setup food photos,

b) find great locations for room photography, and

c) attend model/people shoots with creative lighting.

We mostly do model photo shoots with creative lighting right now and tackling a whole range of genre's, from glamour fashion to nude boudoir and everything in between!

If you are interested in helping to organize an event (i.e. find locations, wrangle models) please let me know!

Costs for events range from $5 to $170 depending on the cost of the event/meetup group.

*Please note, the Creative Photography Meetup is a not for profit group. All revenue from shoots (we price per shoot based on estimated costs) go back to the group for venues (mostly) and marketing.

All levels are welcome, HOWEVER a) this is a more professionally oriented group as a number of people in the group would like to generate revenue with their camera and b) this is a peer led group. If you are wanting to learn more about photography, you are welcome to join as there are people in the group who are able to help if you ask.

This group is for photographers, fashion designers, foodies, food stylists (if you're a stylist please let me know, we really want you in the group) and more photographers. Did I mention photographers?

*PS: we recently decided to keep this group more focused for those above, no offense to models, but we're not accepting models for the sole reason that it dilutes the group because we approach the industry in different ways.

Equipment. All you need is a camera that has a manual mode, preferably a DSLR. A tripod is recommended - the more gear you have the better.

Group policy: please read the group's Terms and Conditions which you are bound to if you are a member. We have a miss two events and you're out policy so please be sure to show up when you RSVP. We also would like you to upload your best/favorite photos to the meetup event page for the photo shoots you attend.


Note: With the ongoing pandemic, most of the Meetup groups are in limbo/defunct. There is a lot of activity in our Facebook group however, the "Vancouver Photographers: for sharing, advice, collaborations & discussions", which you can find here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/vancouverphotographer/


Best regards,

Ronald Lee

c/o Ronald Lee Studios (http://www.ronaldleestudios.com)

Upcoming events (4+)

Business of Photography – Discussion on Pricing, Sales, Marketing

We have a number of new photographers in the group and I think it’s time to hold another business of photography discussion. This time I will prepare a short presentation about different options and scenarios that photographers typically work from and then there will be plenty of time for questions and discussion.

The topic of this discussion will be about sales, pricing, and marketing. Specifically about:

*Business models – various models to discuss
*What to charge - pricing has changed over the last decade, what are people charging now?
*Marketing - from your website to social media, how are you being found?

Some specific points we may cover includes:

*The casual photographer, semi-professional, professional photographer
*Different business models – commercial vs personal (digital delivery vs IPS)
*Costs and expenses - to run your business and to get clients (separate costs)
*What to charge for photography services and getting paid
*Different pricing models
*Sales prospecting and tracking
*Marketing strategies to get clients
*Special cases – specific niche industry verticals – i.e. weddings, food, etc…
*Types of clients
*Good vs bad clients
*Discounting pro’s and con’s – including specials
*Building a brand vs quick sales

One thing we have found through our prior discussions is different photographers in the group are using different business models, from commercial photography, to different models for personal photography, including but not limited to IPS (in person sales of service and product), to digital delivery.

While there are those who stand by and endorse a system, we are going to examine various business structures and recognize business is not a matter of taking a tactic from one method and applying it immediately, it’s about developing and building your business in a way that will allow you to operate, get clients, and generate revenue.

This online discussion, via Google Meet, will be two hours long and will be held on October 27th from 7 PM to 9 PM

The cost for this discussion is any donation over $25 to any food bank in a city of your choice. After you make the donation, message Ronald who will give you the link to this discussion. I highly encourage you to support the community by donating to the food bank, but if you prefer not to, you may pay Ronald directly.

Business of Photography Development & Mastermind for Photographers (Winter 2021)

Business has changed due to the pandemic and now there are opportunities for photographers who intentionally develop and plan their photography business. 2022 is going to be the year of business recovery for most businesses, let’s take the rest of this year to develop your business plan.

This winter we are running a very special Business of Photography mastermind unlike what we’ve done in our previous masterminds.

From the start of November to the end of December, we are running a small group Business of Photography Mastermind for Photographers who are either working on developing your photography business or working on updating and revising your current or additional photography businesses.

What this entails is each participant will be given three workbooks covering different aspects of your business. We will hold weekly discussions about where you are in your business development journey as you work through these workbooks, with the goal to complete the workbooks in the first three weeks of the mastermind.

The Workbooks

This set of printed business workbooks covers branding, target audience, business offerings, financial planning, and marketing strategy. They are akin to helping you plan out your business.

You will work on these workbooks on your own and also discuss them during our mastermind meetings. In addition, Ronald will sit with each of you and look over your workbooks and ask you pointed questions to clarifying exactly what you want to do and how for your business.

The Mastermind

A mastermind group is when a group of professionals meet on a regular basis and talk about their current business activities and challenges with each other. This was first wrote about in “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill and is a powerful way to progress your business because:

1) other people in the room may have suggestions and other points of view that you may not have thought of and
2) the very act of you talking about your situation often gives you clarity about what is going on.

We’ve done this several times in the past where a small group of photographers met online via videoconference chat over a period of 4 to 8 weeks, for two hours at a time to talk about what is going on in your business.

This proved to be very beneficial for the participants, but the one weakness it had is it relied on them to actually take action on what they talked about. In this winter Business of Photography Mastermind we are taking a more hands-on approach via the workbooks and individual meetings.

The Result

By the end of this mastermind you will have a clear idea on what your photography business is doing, for whom, and how to market to your ideal audience so you can ultimately attract clients and generate revenue.

At the moment we are only planning to run the mastermind this way, one time, because the facilitator (Ronald) just happens to be working on developing several additional photography businesses himself, this winter. After the mastermind, he will suggest a few other experts and avenues for participants to access and continue working on your photography business.

The Investment

The investment for this mastermind is $325+GST per month, for a two months commitment. A maximum of six people are allowed in, and it includes a physical copy of the workbooks. If you register before October 28th, the fee is $295+GST per month.

Key Dates

The mastermind will start on November 1st and end on December 31st. The actual time of the meetings (both online via Google meetup video chat) and in-person will be determined by the participants. It is suggested the weekly meetings are from 10am to 12pm on Monday mornings or 7pm to 9pm on Monday evenings.

If you register before October 28th, the fee is $295+GST per month.

How to Register

Registration is open now, please message Ronald ASAP to sign up for a spot.

All about Lighting Theory and Using your Off Camera Flash Workshop

1774 E Hastings St


We are hosting another small group off camera flash lighting theory and how to use your flash workshop.

I've run this workshop many times in the past and have figured out how to have attendees up and running in the four hour time period (this time around it's five hours, including lunch).

The topics we'd cover are listed below in a structured, yet relaxed approach and we will have a model there for you to apply your lighting lessons on.

(Please note: this is a personalized workshop that I can offer on either a one-to-one basis or as a small group, maximum is four people. If this is personal training or you have your own group of friends, then we can schedule the workshop as per your availability. I will post this as a public workshop about 2 to 3 times a year, with a date, so people can plan to attend).

Over the past few years I’ve been asked by many photographers to teach them about lighting. But these questions usually come up during shoots, which I contend is a good place to practice and experiment but a terrible place to learn about lighting theory. Going to group shoots will not get you up to speed (at best, someone may tell you some settings to put your camera at).

Knowing lighting theory and how to control your lights will significantly change your photography and you really need to spend concentrated effort to learn it (ideally from someone as its hard to understand through books).

And knowing how to see and understand light AND how to use off camera flash will introduce you to a new world of joy, creativity, and level of photography. Knowing how to control lighting in any situation changes your photographic experience.

Thus this a half-day course on Lighting Theory and Using your Off Camera Flash for about 5 hours. This used to be a five day workshop (https://www.meetup.com/Create-Photography/events/221698575/) but who has that much time these days.

---What Will Happen---

In this workshop we will discuss lighting theory as it applies to photography, with emphasis on the inverse square law, how light behaves and the characteristics of light...

AND then we are going to learn about how to use your flash, in both Manual Mode and TTL. How to control it with your camera.
We’ll talk about different modifiers and how best to use them and discuss several lighting sets, with one, two…multiple lights.

And there is a hands on practical component where I bring in a model(s) to for you to practing working on with your lighting.

We’ll have notes printed off for everyone to fill in and take with you.

---In Detail---

A. Fundamentals of light

• Introductions and background
• The progression to seeing light and using light (multi-step process)
• Understanding the four qualities of light
• Review of how the camera makes exposures (triangle)
• Inverse square law of light
• Light source size vs hardness

B. Understand Your Flash

• Strobes vs continuous lights
• The advantage of using strobes – ultimate control
• Controlling strobes in your exposure (key vs balanced vs fill)
• Types of strobes and triggers
• TTL – your camera’s shortcut to flash

C. Practical flash photography (hands on with a model)

• One light practice
• Controlling camera and flash exposure
• Different modifiers explanation and practice
• Different ways to use the light (direct, bounce, feather)
• Lighting a scene with one to multiple lights and/or colors
• Using your flash outdoors (weather dependent) as key or fill

This workshop is considered a professional development event.

---Summary and Investment---

What: All about Lighting Theory and Using your Off Camera Flash Workshop
Who: Ronald Lee Studios
Where: Studio in East Vancouver
When: Whenever you schedule it.
What to bring: your camera and any small strobes/camera flashes.

Cost and how to RSVP: the investment is $450 and GST per person.
If you register with one or two additional people then it is $395 and GST for each of you.

RSVP by contacting me at [masked].

Rare Unique Shoot: Multiple Colored Background + Fashion Models

1774 E Hastings St


The first and only time we ran this particular event, it was so popular that it filled up quickly and we had to schedule three sessions and there was still a waiting list photographers want to get into the shoot.

Now, I have a large collection of coloured paper backgrounds and I think it's time we do another large mega shoot. The session is planned for Saturday, November 6th, from 3 to 5 PM, but if there is a lot of demand, I will schedule a second session later in the day to accommodate more photographers.

This is a *very ambitious* in-studio fashion shoot to get photos you won't normally get. We are going to spend two hours to photograph one or two models in different wardrobe against DIFFERENT COLORED backgrounds.

My studio has a large shooting area with at least 20 different colored paper backgrounds (blue, red, pink, yellow, green,....) and what we are going to do is all work together to photograph the model against three or four different colored backgrounds (we will take down and then put up different colors during the shoot).

Each background and wardrobe combination will be different. And photographers will work together to change the background as the model changes her wardrobe and makeup.

What will happen is I will light the set in two ways (using Godox lights) and we will pass the trigger around (I have triggers for Nikon, Canon, Fuji and Sony) and everyone will have a turn with each colored background. We might even be able to do two photographers at a time.

All you need to bring is your shooting gear. ***If you have a Panasonic or Olympus, please let me know in advance.

We are only allowing six photographers per session, due to Covid restrictions and everyone is asked to wear a mask.

This event can be considered a professional development event.

The investment for this shoot is $80+GST (all goes to the cost of the studio and group). PLEASE RSVP ASAP if you want to come.

Please message me with any questions (or if you know a stylist/wardrobe).


(The event photo is an actual photo taken from that time we did this in the past).

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