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***Welcome to the Creative Photography: Food, Rooms & People Meetup!!!***

The Creative Photography: Food, Rooms and People meetupis designed to allow photographers to collaborate together to:

a) get nicely setup food photos,
b) find great locations for room photography, and
c) attend model/people shoots with creative lighting.

We mostly do model photo shoots with creative lighting right now and tackling a whole range of genre's, from glamour fashion to nude boudoir and everything in between!

If you are interested in helping to organize an event (i.e. find locations, wrangle models) please let me know!

Costs for events range from $5 to $170 depending on the cost of the event/meetup group.
*Please note, the Creative Photography Meetup is a not for profit group. All revenue from shoots (we price per shoot based on estimated costs) go back to the group for venues (mostly) and marketing.

All levels are welcome, HOWEVER a) this is a more professionally oriented group as a number of people in the group would like to generate revenue with their camera and b) this is a peer led group. If you are wanting to learn more about photography, you are welcome to join as there are people in the group who are able to help if you ask.

This group is for photographers, fashion designers, foodies, food stylists (if you're a stylist please let me know, we really want you in the group) and more photographers. Did I mention photographers?

*PS: we recently decided to keep this group more focused for those above, no offense to models, but we're not accepting models for the sole reason that it dilutes the group because we approach the industry in different ways.

Equipment. All you need is a camera that has a manual mode, preferably a DSLR. A tripod is recommended - the more gear you have the better.

Group policy: please read the group's Terms and Conditions (http://www.meetup.com/Create-Photography/pages/Terms_and_Conditions_for_the_Meetup_Group) which you are bound to if you are a member. We have a miss two events and you're out policy so please be sure to show up when you RSVP. We also would like you to upload your best/favorite photos to the meetup event page for the photo shoots you attend.

Best regards,

Ronald Lee
c/o Ronald Lee Studios (http://www.ronaldleestudios.com)

Upcoming events (5)

Portfolio Building shoot: White background Fashion (look book style)

Studio at Hastings and Commercial


The most basic-yet-essential photo for fashion photography is the model against a white background. Yet, many photographers find it challenging to do this. Sometimes the background isn’t white enough, or there are weird shadows on the floor, or there model is too dark and there is too much haze coming into the lens (i.e. the background has too much light). You can do white background photos all in camera, or you can rely on post-production (photoshop) but the best combination may be a mix of the two. This event will be all about shooting the model through different changes of clothes against a white background, like a fashion catalogue (called a look book). There will be one or two models who will change clothes for us throughout the 90 minute session with the goal to get at least three (or more) unique looks from the shoot. We can have up to 6 photographers for this session and if there is a great interest, we may repeat this session again. Two Bonus Sessions – we will hold an online video chat a few days prior to the shoot to discuss how we will do this (there are many ways to light the set) and we’ll do one a few days after to talk about the shoot, how it can be easier/better and share results. The investment for this session is $75, can pay here or arrange with Ronald to pay. As usual, we will observe the social distancing guidelines, wear masks ad use hand sanitizer. Meetup image by Zack Arias

Workshop on Lighting Theory and Using your Off Camera Flash

Studio Location


(Please note: this is not actually a scheduled group workshop, as I just don't have time to organize and run it as it takes too much time and energy to prepare. HOWEVER, I will do this as individual or small group workshop (maximum three people). The topics we'd cover are listed below and it will be a more relaxed informal approach ~Ronald). Over the past few years I’ve been asked by many photographers to teach them about lighting. But these questions usually come up during shoots, which I contend is a good place to practice and experiment but a terrible place to learn about lighting theory. Going to group shoots will not get you up to speed (at best, someone may tell you some settings to put your camera at). Knowing lighting theory and how to control your lights will significantly change your photography and you really need to spend concentrated effort to learn it (ideally from someone as its hard to understand through books). And knowing how to see and understand light AND how to use off camera flash will introduce you to a new world of joy, creativity, and level of photography. Knowing how to control lighting in any situation changes your photographic experience. Thus this a one-day course on Lighting Theory and Using your Off Camera Flash for about 4 to 5 hours. This used to be a five day workshop (https://www.meetup.com/Create-Photography/events/221698575/) but who has that much time these days. I'm going to make this a crash course and compress it all into one day. ---What Will Happen--- When you schedule your session for this lighting workshop and I will compress the main points of my previous workshop along with a hands on practical component. In this workshop we will discuss lighting theory as it applies to photography, with emphasis on the inverse square law, how light behaves and the characteristics of light... AND then we are going to learn about how to use your flash, in both Manual Mode and TTL. How to control it with your camera (some cameras can control the flash directly….even when it’s off the camera). We’ll talk about different modifiers and how best to use them and discuss several lighting sets, with one, two…multiple lights. We’ll have notes printed off for everyone to fill in an take with you. ---In Detail--- A. Fundamentals of light • Introductions and background • The progression to seeing light and using light (multi-step process) • Understanding the four qualities of light • Review of how the camera makes exposures (triangle) • Inverse square law of light • Light source size vs hardness B. Understand Your Flash • Strobes vs continuous lights • The advantage of using strobes – ultimate control • Controlling strobes in your exposure (key vs balanced vs fill) • Types of strobes and triggers • TTL – your camera’s shortcut to flash C. Practical flash photography (hands on) • One light practice • Controlling camera and flash exposure • Classical styles of lighting demo and practice • Different modifiers explanation and practice • Different ways to use the light (direct, bounce, feather) • Lighting a scene with one to multiple lights and colors • Using your flash outdoors (weather dependent) as key or fill Most of the day will be in studio with a model. At the end of the day we will go outside with our lights to apply what we just learned in a real environment. ---Summary and Investment--- What: Lighting Theory and Using your Off Camera Flash Who: Ronald Lee Studios Where: Studio in East Vancouver (address given to registrants) When: Whenever you schedule it. What to bring: Bring your camera and any small strobes/camera flashes you want to use. Cost and how to RSVP: the investment is $450 and GST per person. If you register with one or two additional people then it is $375 and GST for each of you. RSVP by contacting me at [masked]. Questions and for more information, please email the above email or call Ronald at[masked]

Food Photography Seafood project. Also, want to be a Food Stylist?

Time to go back to food photography. I'm particularly looking to collaborate with a food stylist for a seafood (salmon?) theme'd photoshoot for the start of July. Are you a photographer who is good at food styling and may considering that service as a specialty in the future? Or perhaps you know of some food stylists and can recommend that person to us? This photoshoot will be planned in advance before we shoot and other photographers are invited but keep in mind that this is not a workshop, you will be responsible for your own lighting setup. We will work out the shoot concept (research photos!) and details when we have enough people interested. The cost of the shoot will be divided amongst the participants (have no idea what it would cost). Please RSVP if interested! Ronald

Big Beautiful Light - Outdoor Portraits
Needs a date and time

Someplace outside

Update September 27th: my apologies, I have to postpone this until next year as I'm too busy now before I go on an extended trip. Please RSVP if interested. Probably will be in February. We may do a snow theme or some indoor theme. --- Wow, with the weather suddenly so nice and warm, so soon, its about time I setup a series that I've been thinking of for a while. That is using LARGE STROBES outside! Aka: BIG, BEAUTIFUL, LIGHT! As you know, the larger the light, the softer and more even it is and it makes your models/subjects look really good! I'm not talking about speedlights (they are too small and too 'spotty' compares to this), I'm talking about taking large studio strobes and modifiers outside. And by taking lights outside, you can do a lot of interesting things, from key shifting in the day, playing with colors or making a scene look epic! I'd like to schedule a few this spring/summer with several themes, from portraits, to artistic fashion with models, to specific locations (I've shot in New West like this and its great!). I also happen to have TWO sets of large strobes and external batteries and a bunch of modifiers, so we can go and have some fun. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JpsZiJC9KVU I estimate we can have groups of 4 to 6 photographer per team (we'll need assistants to set up the shot/hold reflectors, move stuff and we'll pass the trigger around) and can have two teams. Just seeing who is interested in this right now, if there is enough interest, we'll set up some theme and do three of these sessions: • Portrait • Beach • Art/Fantasy And if you can help wrangle the mode's subjects, please let me know! I estimate the cost for this to be around $55 per person and up, depending on the shoot. ---First Shoot Details--- This first one will be on business and lifestyle portraits at sunset and into the evening. Or we may do an early morning one as well. Please RSVP if interested and we'll schedule a day.

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