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To Check Your Camera's Focusing and Lens Calibration

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***Update March 2nd: Ok, there was more interest than I expected for this. Lets see who is available on March 9th to test your lenses. Its best for us to get together in pairs (meaning myself and two of you photographers) to check your lens and it could take 15 to 25 minutes to check.

We'll check them and study results together, where I'll explain what we are doing and why every step of the way, using my Lens calibration tool as well as a special shortcut I use to check calibration.

Now, remember, your photos may not be sharp because of user error. I'll let you know if I see any movement from you when you shoot.

To come, please email me directly with your camera model and the lens models you want to check and I'll give you a time that day to come.

In this case, you can pay me in cash when you arrive, no need to prepay on the event page, but you still must show up if I give you a time! ***


How accurate is your camera's focusing? Have you ever checked?

Did you know that many DSLRs are factory set to backfocus and that there is no absolute focusing setting for both your camera and your auto-focus lens? Rather, there are focusing tolerences and these days, you can fine tune your focusing to get tack sharp focus.

I know this first hand as one of my cameras almost backfocused off the chart and my other camera backfocused slightly when I got it. That was unacceptable for the work that I do (and it drove my crazy at first!!!!), but also because I actually like to have my subjects in focus, so I took them back to Nikon to correct and now, one came back pin point sharp while the other came back slightly front focusing.

How I know is I spent a lot of time researching this and bought a Spyder LensCal to calibrate my focusing and am very pleased with the results.

Thus, I know many of you have mentioned to me that your camera also has focusing issues, so this meetup will be solely for you to come and get your camera and lens focusing issue sorted out.

This will be in studio, all you need is your camera and lens, I'll have everything else.

Cost will be $25 for your camera and three lenses, and $10 every lense after that.

We can do this in either a large or small group, just email me if you have a particular preference, at .

If you think/know, your camera has major focusing issues, post a comment here, when you RSVP. It'll be interesting to see how many of you are aware and how it's affecting you.