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Join Jamie Lopez, anti-diet & intuitive eating dietitian and Sarah Thacker, wholistic food therapist & yoga therapist as we create unique, seasonal workshops around building healthy relationships with food and body.

Our first workshop on January 17th, at 7:00 pm is designed to help you create an authentic health goal for 2019, a goal that doesn't obsessed about food rules or changing body size. Combing our expertise in mental wellness and nutrition science, we will guide you in developing goals that promote physical and mental health for a happy, fulfilling life based on your personal values.

We will discuss the foundations of mental and physical wellness and guide the group through a meditation exercise to bring awareness and channel your inner desires and vision of what health looks like to YOU. You will establish your values through a personal mission statement and determine where you are in your current health journey and where you want to be. Then we’ll get real and identify tangible deliverables and establish steps to get you started down the path for a healthy, fresh you this year!

Register NOW! This will be an intimate group - only 20 people total, so space is limited. Come to learn how to build a mind-body connection and empower you through your health journey.

Meet-up member will receive a 40% discount!!

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***We are Health at Every Size, Weight-Inclusive health professionals.***

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