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The goal of this meetup is to start working groups to make life better for the average hardworking tax paying citizen. This should be a non partisan effort where all voices can be heard. People with like minded ideas will work together to move their agendas forward. It seems every community needs groups of concerned citizens to make better laws. And to keep a watch over government and the systems that affect us all. The average government worker is doing their best to keep their job. I think its mostly the people at the top that could be doing a better job. And its up to us to make government and its systems work better. There are a few ways we can get government to work better. One is by electing better people. But that process is what it is. A second way is for us to create better laws and rules that help the average honest hardworking tax paying citizen. Everyone knows things could be better. But the question is how do we make things better? Everyone has their own opinions based on their experiences. But no one person decides the rules. Ideas are put forward and voted on, and 51% wins. Then every few years we revisit the issue and make changes as needed. All in an effort to bring about a more equal and just society. We are a work in progress. And everyone knows there is a lot of work to do to make things better. My goal here is to create a place where we can go and put our ideas on paper. Share them with our neighbors. And see if they have merit and move forward with them. I think everyone deserves to have their voice heard. But I don't want this to be a debate club because that can go on and on with no end. A healthy spirited safe debate can be part of the process. Instead I think its best to focus on specific issues. And finding practical solutions to those issues. Solutions that make the most sense for you. And those ideas get shared and moved forward if there is enough support. Eventually I would like to see groups of like minded people working together to move their agendas forward. I have created a website called csgs.us. Common Sense Governing Solutions. I need your help. I am just a construction worker. I personally am completely middle of the road in political views. I am a registered green party. I basically did that as a rejection of the status quo when I was 18, I am 41 now. And to show appreciation to the earth and natural environment. But Please let’s work together and make this world a better place. There is nothing more important right now than getting our government and our society working better. I know it seems like mission impossible. But giving up and not trying only means we have failed.

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