What we're about

Words woven together that create a space for ourselves and others to feel, to journey. This group is all about a place to do just that, to allow others the space to write and perform their poetry or story telling. So whether you're new to writing or you are a well versed poet this group will help to give you a place to meet like minded people as well explore, develop and refine your writing flare.

For more information, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Types of events we run:

Poetry Cafe: This is where we bring a poem we have written or a poem we enjoy on a particular topic and discuss the theme and the poem's craft over a coffee!

The Writing Room: These will be practical sessions, helping us to write and refine our writing skills. May include some input from external guests.

Create:Balham Nights: Spoken Word nights hosted in and around Balham showcasing work that members have written.


Thank you so much for joining Create:Balham. We truly believe that the written word has the power and potential to inspire, to move people, to help us feel. We want to build a community where everybody gets to play and we are each other’s best champions as we explore the written word together. To help this here are some really practical community values, and in coming along to our events you are agreeing to help put our values into practice. These may develop and shape as we expand to help reflect the kind of community we want to be.

1. We are all on a journey

We may have been writing for years, or not even put pen to paper. However, there are always new styles or ways of writing to try. So let us be bold in the exploration of the written word rather than think we have reached perfection.

2. We are champions and cheerleaders

Reading your poetry can be really nerve-racking, especially if it’s your first time. We sometimes write from the seat of emotion and that can be scary to read to people. People might read their work and you think it is the worst piece of poetry you have ever read. We have one rule though, always cheer on, and always applaud. If you’re going to give feedback, always draw out what you love about a piece; a technique, a phrase, an image and always phrase constructive criticism as a suggestion ‘have you thought about using this technique…’ That way if it’s someone’s first time, or fiftieth we can all explore in an encouraging environment.

3. We want to be risky in our writing but safe in our content

We are a community of diverse people. We want everyone to feel valued and welcomed. We all have the power and potential to create this space, and we all play our part in doing so. We want to make sure that welcome extends to the content that we write. Therefore, we don’t want people to bring anything overtly offensive, objectifying, hateful or rude and we will stop people’s readings if this is the case as this would jeopardise the kind of space we want to create. This is not to say that you can’t write poetry that might come under that category, but what you bring to the group needs to help in creating a place of welcome. If you’re not sure, you can always speak to an organiser. We want people to feel they can share their more vulnerable pieces with others. There is a fine line between writing vulnerably and over sharing. It is better to write from things you have processed and journeyed through that you feel would be appropriate to share. This is also to make sure that you are safe as you share your piece, that if people comment on it, that they aren’t commenting on your current experience.

4. We want to set a bar of honour

We want to make sure that practically everything runs smoothly. Therefore to really extend the culture of honour in practical ways, we ask that you turn up on time and that you attend when you say you will. This will also help to build and foster community - if you’re after a community of writers, invest in the events and discussion and there is no doubt that you’ll get out what you put in!

5. We want to have fun!

Exploring the written word together is really fun! We want to make sure we laugh often, and so we always want the atmosphere to be enjoyable. We all have the potential to co-create this as a community, so let’s make sure we all play our part in doing so.

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Poetry Café

Esquires Coffee Balham

[Time subject to change] Our second Poetry Café. These are our community events where we bring our writing and foster creative community in an informal environment. Whether you are new to writing, written nothing or are a poetry trooper all are welcome no matter what level to learn, discuss, develop and grow. Our poetry community is value lead. Please read our community values on our min group page in the description area.

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Poetry Café: New Beginnings

Esquires Coffee

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