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Join us for our monthly gathering of creative developers, designers, hackers, makers and more.

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The March Gathering will take place at Farside, sister bar of Handlebar, located near Gerrard and Broadview.

7:00pm Doors open! Come grab some drinks and support Farside.

7:30pm Jamie Strachan - Debugging Our Feelings

Developers have countless frameworks and tools to tackle technical problems but what can we use when we face personal ones? Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is based on the idea that our thoughts determine our emotions so we can change how we feel by changing how we think. While CBT is generally used to treat mental disorders like depression, it can also be effective in dealing with more common challenges like procrastination, impostor syndrome, and handling criticism. Drawing on basic programming concepts, this talk will teach you the foundations of CBT and practical techniques you can use to help correct the distorted negative thoughts that can prevent us from doing our best work.

8:15pm Mark Lapasa - Project Virtual Pinball

An experiment recreating a pinball machine to scale in virtual reality but uses real world physical controls. Audience members will be able to put on a Oculus Rift HMD and hold on to an elevated box simulating the tactile feel of holding onto a real pinball machine. The virtual pinball machine seen through the HMD is programmed in Unreal Engine with 3d assets designed in Sketchup and Blender. The physical controls are connected to the PC via Cthulhu PCB.

8:45pm Nick Fox-Gieg - Lightning in a Bottle: Hand-drawn animation in VR

As an animator and VR developer, the rise of 6DoF controllers--wands you can move in 3D space--are the most exciting development in VR. Nick created the Lightning Artist Toolkit so he could work with hand-drawn animation in VR in mature 3D animation packages. LATK is a suite of tools for creating frame-by-frame, hand-drawn animation in VR, readable in any 3D graphics application and ready to use in real-world production scenarios.