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I am honored and thrilled to be hosting this course by Sam Neffendorf, local EFT wizard, on such a worthy and timely topic. An essential element of any successful holistic venture.

4 bi-weekly Playshops commencing Monday 25th March 2013 – held at Hamilton House

Investment just £60 for whole series (Introductory offer)

Are you struggling with money, finding yourself with just enough to get by and not enough for the additional things that would enrich your life and make you feel secure?

Do you love the work that you do, helping people to make the most of their life and experience healing, but find it difficult to make a good living or express the true value of what you do?
These days, there’s a huge amount of global negativity around money. Many of us are finding our relationship with money to be increasingly difficult and the cause of worry, stress and other negative emotional states. When we begin to examine the aspects of our interaction with money we can identify and resolve the ways that money is affecting our life decisions and limiting our possibilities. We have so many ingrained assumptions about money and how much we must have before we can change anything. What if our interactions, perceptions, beliefs and emotions about and with money are blocking more of it from appearing in our life?
After a number of conversations with complementary health practitioners and coaches who are finding themselves held back by their relationship with money, Sam Neffendorf realized that he was uniquely placed to help them resolve these problems both at an energetic, emotional level and through practical exercises and techniques. This is why he is running a four part workshop designed to help this demographic to move through these issues and create abundance and prosperity in their lives, so that they can feel fulfilled and supported by their money while bringing their talent to the world.

During this four part workshop, you will learn and benefit from the following:
* Practical tools and energetic processes you can use to address the areas of your life where there is limitation surrounding money
* New ways of thinking, feeling and being with money
* Identifying your current issues surrounding debt and how to resolve them
* Stopping money meltdowns
* Addressing beliefs surrounding money, work and your work/life balance
* Challenging yourself and money. Being confident in asking for or charging your worth. Being confident with money
* Realising the purpose that prosperity and wealth hold in your life and creating a plan to achieve that purpose
* Building positive relationships with your money and being able to have fun with it.
Using the energetic processes of EFT, Matrix Re-imprinting and guided meditation, along with practical exercises from his experience as an Independent Financial Adviser, Sam will show you how to release your negative and blocking perceptions, beliefs and relationships with money while offering you new possibilities to enable it to enter your life. As this is the first time that this course has been run, he is offering it at a very low cost so that it will be affordable for anyone who wants to take part and create a new potential for prosperity in their life and work.
This course will consist of four two and a half hour workshops over a period of 8 weeks. There will also be a number of exercises that participants will do between sessions in order to get the maximum benefit from the course.

A brief outline of the course is as follows:
25th March 2013 – 7PM-9.30PM Workshop 1 – Beliefs about money – focusing on how you formed your beliefs, your family relationship with money, some common beliefs that could be holding you back, installing positive beliefs
8th April 2013 – 7PM-9.30PM Workshop 2 – Debt – the emotional responses and beliefs surrounding debt, your relationship to debt, practical methods to resolve debt
22nd April 2013 – 7PM-9.30PM Workshop 3 – Money and Purpose – recognising your comfort zone with money, money and self-worth, asking for money, valuing what you do and expressing that value to others, realising the purpose of wealth in your life and creating a plan to fulfil that purpose
6th May 2013 – 7PM-9.30PM Workshop 4 – Take Your Relationship with Money to the Next Level – creating a positive identity for money, expanding your money vibration, money and motivation, conscious spending, becoming a money magnet

About Sam Neffendorf
Sam is passionate about helping people to overcome the negative emotional states and self-belief issues that stand in the way of them achieving true freedom and happiness in their life. He is an advanced practitioner of EFT and Matrix Reimprinting. He is also a skilled and intuitive listener and is able to very gently help his clients uncover and move through the blocks that are causing them to feel trapped, victimised or display other negative recurring patterns.

He spent many years working in financial services and still carries out some consultancy work as an independent financial adviser. Although he was living a very comfortable and satisfying life in many ways, he simultaneously felt trapped - as though something important was missing. He became increasingly interested in the holistic view of health and was delighted to find a new path that is bringing balance and joy into his life and those of others.

Sam has had great success helping people to overcome a wide range of issues, including stress, anxiety, fear of public speaking, migraines, phobias, complicated grief, trembling and smoking addiction. He was recently interviewed on the BBC about how to resolve a fear of flying. Get in touch with him if you’d like to find out more about this course or working with him on an individual basis.

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