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EFT 1 and 2: Skills to Heal Your Life - Practitioner

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Colston Yard · Bristol

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Hours 10 Colston Yard. The opening to the yard is right next to the Bike Workshop and once you enter the yard “Hours” sign is very prominent.

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EFT 1 and 2: Skills to Heal Your Life - Practitioner

Venue: Bristol, TBC

Dates: 2nd, 3rd and 4th March 2018

This is a professional training in EFT 1 and 2.

The Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT, is a psychological acupressure technique. This is a technique that I use in my practice and my personal life most days. I also recommend that anyone practices it to optimize their emotional health. Although we don't always give it our attention, emotional health is vital to well-being. Often, when we feel low, we eat really badly and we don't get the exercise we know we need. Emotional issues can stop you from healing. If you don't feel emotionally well, everything else can seem quite pointless. I don't believe that physical healing really happens without emotional healing happening too.

Emotional Freedom Techniques is a great tool to use, whether to work on emotional issues or to work on your confidence and self-belief. It allows you to immediately reduce the intensity of emotion in the body so that you can have a very real sense of choice and possibility. Emotional health is vital to living a productive and happy life. Without it, we are constantly beset with doubts and fears, sometimes affecting our physical health, sometimes making sleep or action impossible. It doesn't matter how successful we become if we feel unwell or unhappy in ourselves. EFT really can change a lot of this very quickly.

EFT works with your beliefs and emotions at a deep level, a level that is energetic and beneath your thoughts. Come and learn this practice, so that you can begin to change your underlying emotional states.

This 3 day course is set at an introductory level and anyone who wants to feel in more control of their own life is welcome to attend. When we are more at ease, we have many more possibilities. Personally and professionally this work has helped me more than any form of psychotherapy ever has, which is saying a lot as I am a psychotherapist and I do trust therapeutic work deeply. For me, Energy Psychology practices are a very easy way to shift intense emotional states, which I think makes them deserving attention! There are so many things in life that are out of our control, emotions often being one of them. EFT allows you to calm emotions down, so that you have more choices in your life.

This workshop provides in depth knowledge of the practice, history, and research that is the foundation to EFT.

I have practiced EFT and other energy psychology techniques for the past 17 years and will bring all of that knowledge to this training. "EFT training was an amazing experience, I knew very little about EFT and had no expectation of what I might experience or learn. I found Lou informative with extensive knowledge and experience in many aspects of EFT; the only negative I can recall is the time passed so quickly. I have since worked with clients utilising EFT with consistently effective results on many levels." JC, Counsellor, Bristol

You will learn:

Many ways of using EFT tapping in your current practice or in a new life venture.
How to work on your own issues with EFT tapping.
How to work with clients with EFT.
How to work with beliefs using EFT.
How to use regression with EFT.
You will receive: A comprehensive manual for your knowledge and guidance
An accredited certificate of completion from Energy Counselling through EFT MRA Inc.
A group of people to practice with in future

Please contact me through [masked] to register with £50 deposit. You will pay the remaining amount on the day.