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This group was created for relationship oriented couples and singles who want to create lasting love built on a solid foundation of collaborative partnerships where everyone wins! We do this through acceptance and appreciation for the differences between men and women. As you probably know, spending your life with another person, especially of the opposite sex, can be challenging to say the least, and there aren’t many places to get education and support for relationship success, BUT with the right education and tools, your relationship experience can be easier, fun and even uplifting!

Whether you’re married, cohabitating, in a long-term relationship, divorced, or dating, if you want to master life-long harmonious relationships, through learning effective and practical relationship skills, this group is for you.


For you to get support in your relationship challenges, share your successes, develop yourself as a leader and a stand for powerful relationships based on understanding, acceptance and love. This is also a great place to get support for your relationship!

We hold FREE LIVE and in-person meetups once a month to create and celebrate partnership, and give you support in navigating your relationship experience. Along with guest expert speakers, we have interactive topic discussions with an emphasis on fun, think “Date Night,” in order to create harmony in your relationship and build a community of Conscious Partners who support each other and want to be examples to others. This group format will help you develop skills that will serve you in creating the relationship you truly desire.


To empower conscious men and women to take ownership of their relationship experience and turn their relationships into a solid foundation so that they can shine their light to the world. We accomplish this by building a global community on the local level, and providing the education, activities and discussions so that we can stand for the New Paradigm in Partnership!

I created this group to build a supportive community for thriving couples and would-be couples! Looking forward to seeing you at our next meetup!


Kimi Avary, Relationship Navigation Specialist

Meetup Organizer

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Relationship Navigation Intensive 12 week virtual program

Did you know that you can be the most compassionate, conscious person in the world and still get tripped up in your relationship experience? It's true! If you've had challenges finding and keeping love alive then you may not have the tools for a lifetime of love. Then you want to take advantage of the Relationship Navigation Intensive! Kimi Avary, Relationship Navigation Specialist will guide you through important discussions to support you in learning to successfully navigate your relationships. This course is for you whether you're single or already in a relationship. The Relationship Navigation Intensive ~ Topics 1) Instinct and Spirit: Being at Choice – I define instinct as our hard-wired, default mode and Spirit as about being at Choice. Learn to discern between the two and stop getting tripped up in creating love. 1) Masculine and Feminine Energy: Their Impact – Get clarity about the masculine and feminine instincts driving us. Arrive in the partnership we truly desire by understanding what is happening between men and women. 3) Commitment: How It Really Works for Men and Women – Men and women commit differently. Be able to read the signs your partner or prospective partner is giving you. 4) Two Kinds of Attraction – Instinctual attraction never makes great relationships. Learn here how to attract the right kind of partner and stop struggling needlessly. 5) The Sex Deal – Men and women relate to sex differently and often are on different pages. This can affect our relationships in devastating ways. Eliminate the pain and learn the underlying health and relationship benefits of sex. Explore how to make great deals around sex, even if you have different timing and desires. 6) Feeling Safe – Much of our behavior comes from whether or not we feel safe. Safety for men and women is entirely different. See each other’s behaviors clearly and compassionately and create a powerful foundation of trust. 7) The 25% Rule– Expecting your partner to complete you is a common problem. It puts too much pressure on the relationship. Create balance that works. 8) Energy Mastery: The Law of Attraction – Thoughts create your focus, and your focus create the feelings you experience in your relationship. You can learn to distinguish which feelings are beneficial and which are not. 9) Criticism to Appreciation – Criticism is the number one killer in relationships. Understanding your partner’s perspective will help you move toward expressing appreciation consistently. 10) The Platinum Rule – The 5 A’s: Attention, Appreciation, Acceptance, Allowing and Affection – These are the foundations of great relationships. Mastering these by exploring what you and your partner need and then consciously delivering them is the Platinum Rule for Relationship Success. 11) Expressing What You Need: Make Effective Deals – Learn to make deals that not only work but that inspire a win/win experience. Compromise can often lead to overall relationship dissatisfaction. 12) Fighting Fair – Have a strategy for “fighting fair.” Learn to turn down the heat, work through disagreements and return to the foundation of love. 13) Radical Love – Dynamic skills for navigating deep, lasting, enlivening, and co-creative love. You must register to get access to the program. https://ConsciousCouplesNetwork.com/rel-nav-intensive

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