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Many of us crave deeper connections in life. Not only with another person, but within ourselves, the environment around us, the physical world we live in, the infinite universe, or The Divine itself. Creating connection can take on many meanings and can look different for each of us.

Utilizing effective models and practices such as Conversation Cafés, TED Talk Discussions, Retreats, & Workshops, Community Service and many others, a more compelling picture can begin to emerge for you, and help create a greater awareness of how everything is so very interconnected.

Whether you feel it through your mind, your body or inner being, Deep Connection eludes many of us, thanks, in part, to the noise of the distractions all around us every day. Technology, social media, cultural expectations, schedules too busy to manage, etc., all can dampen our ability to make the very connections that we're craving for in our every day lives.

In the end, the goal is to create opportunities for you to experience this awakening and transformation, that in the end will allow you to find more connection and wholeness in your life. We look forward to this journey together.

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