What we're about

Deep, authentic, conscious connection where you are seen, where you are safe to be fully yourself and that feels deeply satisfying and nourishing is absolutely possible!

If you are longing for that but it feels slightly (or more) out of reach, then this group is for you. If you are tired of relationships that that don't feel deep, real or nurturing, or tired of conflict, lack of felt-sense compatibility, emotional unavailability or just bad endings, then join us. This group is for anyone who wants deeper connections and relationships where mutual vulnerability, compassion and full authentic self expression is valued, both in your romantic relationships and friendships.

The problem is that that no on told us that relationship - and in fact all of life - happens THROUGH us, not to us. So if we want deeper, more authentic and more satisfying connections, we have to start with looking lovingly at how we are showing up, who we are being, and what we are bringing to relationship. This is simply a skill that we need to learn and then embrace!

Of course the challenge is that we can't do this kind of reflection in a vacuum! We need a mirror, a reflection. We need others and ideally in a safe and loving space. So that's what this group will offer. A space to look at how we are showing up and how we are creating what we experience, in a safe and compassionate way.

If you are ready to practice more vulnerability, transparency and self compassion, and to completely shift your relationships and reality, please join us! Be equally committed to your own healing and happiness, as well as the ability to lovingly laugh at ourselves! Some humor is absolutely essential to staying sane!

I will be both leading and participating in the group. I'm a certified Conscious Uncoupling and Calling In The One coach, and Intuition teacher/coach. I have been practicing meditation, mindfulness and psychic/intuitive skills for 18+ years. So we will be incorporating all of these capacities in our self-exploration.

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