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Would you like to learn how to Consciously Create the Relationship You Want and Finally Break Unconscious Patterns that Keep You from Lasting Love and Passion? Discover the power of the mind and mindfulness to create your relationship with yourself and a partner in a loving and deeply conscious way. This meetup will offer in depth insights from cognitive behavioral therapy, psychotherapy and mindfulness that will empower you to consciously create your relationships and create awareness and healing of any past patterns that have been destructive. Key areas we will focus on is: 1.The Powerful Role of the Subconscious Mind in Creating Your Relationship with Yourself and Others
2. Uncovering and changing learned belief systems and destructive patterns in life and relationships
3. Knowing and understanding your unconscious motivations that drive your behavior and project people and relationships you don't want
4. Healing old wounds from the past and letting go of belief systems that limit your happiness
5. Transforming your unconscious template of relationships learned during childhood and adolescence into one that creates love, passion and commitment
6. Becoming familiar with your roles and unconscious personas and changing the negative scripts they run
7. Discovering the power of mindfulness and emotional responsibility in relationships. Taking responsibility for your emotions, your relationships and your world
8. Mastering the Art of intentionally creating the relationship you want through mindful and conscious selection criteria
9. Creating yourself anew as your highest potential My entire life has been transformed by this approach and the beautiful relationship I have today is a result of knowing that I am the creator of my world and my relationships. By changing my subconscious conditioning and mindfully creating my relationship I was able to create the partner and life I want. I would love to share this with you.

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