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Meditation for teachers

Meditation for teachers, development of Meditation Program for students.

Relieving stress, making true happiness, meditating in life. Create a meditation program for students 6 months later.

Target audience: kindergarten, elementary, middle, high school, college, and all teachers(ex: substitute teachers, Special Education teachers, Sports instructors etc.)

Meditation brings happiness, joy, self actualization/enlightenment, and peace of mind.

Children and Adults alike who have difficulties focusing on studying, can make themselves more comfortable, live more fulfilled life, study with ease with this meditation program.

[Features of our Meditation]

Universality: Based on thousands of years of Buddhist teachings developed by universal meditation methods of various religions.

Science: It is made up of scientific and rational principles.

Daily Lifestyle: If you live in meditation, enjoyment and enlightenment accompany all daily life.

[Benefits of Meditation]

1> Relieves stress, increases mental happiness, increases concentration, increases mental stability/treats mental illnesses.

2> Increases Objective/rational Thinking, Creativity, Realization and Awareness in your life.

3> Increases willpower/ I upgrade my power to develop my destiny.

After the teachers are fully meditative and happy, they can develop a meditation program for their students. You can also publish programs for students in e-books.

[Mediation for teachers : Program Topics ]

1. The principle of The Void Meditation - The principle of the Mind

2. How to use meditation in daily life

3. Past trauma observation and treatment

4. Meditation and Early Childhood Education: Kindergarten Children's Education

5. Meditation and Modern Physics

6. Meditation and treatment of mental illness

7. Applying the Meditation Principle to Children's Education

8. Applying the Mediation Principle to Youth Education

9. Meditation and Modern Philosophy

10. Rec - Education(Recreation), Self Directed learning, Peer Tutoring, Other learning methods and meditation

11. Meditation and Global Economy

12. Meditation and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, AI(Artificial Intelligence)

[Application Period]

Sept. 18th ~ Sept. 28th, 2018

[Program time]

Group A: Every Thursday from 10:00am to 12:00pm

[Featured Programs]

Simple yoga, 11 ways to meditation, Dharma Talk, group meetings.

After 6 weeks, there is a 4-hour intensive training program as needed.

If you are interested in attending this program, please send a text message with your name, group letter you want to join.

Rev. Jung Park, 559-682-8335

Program Fee: Donations

This program has nothing to do with any particular religion.

[Teachers & Staffs]

Rev. Jung Park / Heo, Kwangjun / Rev. Anna Kim / Kim, Ok-sang Translator

Other Professional writers, editors, and designers

Rev. Jung Park has been teaching meditation in Fresno for four years. In Korea, He completed his master's degree in Won Buddhism. For 15 years, He has worked with children, teenagers and teachers with teaching meditation. He created a meditation program for teachers and published them in books.

Won Buddhism operates hundreds of kindergartens, hundreds of elementary, middle, high school, university, and university hospitals using meditation in Korea.

Won Buddhism is operated around the world and there are more than 30 temples in the United States.

Please join with comfortable clothes. :)

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Meditation for teachers


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Meditation for teachers


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