What we're about

As a long time owner of a graphic design and branding agency (addawg.com) in the bay area I always felt like freelance creatives got the short end of the stick. So I got together with a bunch of other creatives to change all that. What we came up with is a virtual cafe that puts creatives first. It is called The Creative Cafe. A place as warm and inviting to creatives as the name suggests. Its a hangout for bay area creative freelancers and hiring companies to link up one-on-one. No middleman around. Anybody can join and add their work. www.thecreativecafe.org. I thought it would be cool if we could take it past the virtual realm and meet for a real coffee. Foam mustaches and all. That way we could brainstorm in person to find a way beyond the website to champion freelance creatives in the bay area.

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