Code and Poetry - How can thinking with code affect creativity?

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Sorry for the short notice, but we have a special guest this week in Barcelona and we didn't want to waste the opportunity to do something with her :)

The format this time will be a presentation with open discussion.

Hope you can make it!


Code - the language that mediates between humans and machines escaped a long time ago from the computer science universities and silicon valleys of this world: it’s just too useful to not be applied in art, in philosophy, problem solving, sequencing the human genome, for knitting, composing or for choreographies.
From Wittgenstein to the first programming languages to “The Matrix” to Wetware.
Let’s find out how code changed language, logic and thinking since the 20th century and how thinking with code became ingrained in culture.

About the artist:

Rosi Grillmair is an artist, programmer and researcher from Linz/Austria.
She is currently researching on the impact of code on culture and works in various networks of creative coding and community-driven software like Processing and vvvv. Her works were shown at digital art festivals like Ars Electronica, TADAEX Tehran, NODE Forum Frankfurt, Gwangju Media Arts Festival and Medialab Prado.