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Creative Coding Utrecht (CCU) is a recurring meetup and growing community of coders, developers and people generally interested in the creative possbilities of code & technologies. Please join us in exploring how 21st century skills create new expressions that shape our world. CCU is made possible with the kind support of our sponsors: https://www.meetup.com/Creative-Coding-Utre... (https://www.meetup.com/Creative-Coding-Utrecht/sponsors/)

CCU is a meetup that aims to open up the field of creative code, digital design, and artistic technologies. We invite artists, makers, coders, designers, thinkers and anyone interested to join us and present their work. By offering an informal meeting place for people we aim to connect the local communities and present their practices to a larger audience. We believe that sharing projects, work-in-progress, challenges, failures and successes, helps to get a grip on the multiplicity of technologies and networks that are embedded in our lives. Creative Coding Utrecht is meant as a place where work and inspiration is shared by the local community and people feel empowered to give these emerging technologies a try. By exploring the possibilities of algorithms to create expressions we aim to make these technologies accessible and develop a vibrant community that fosters conversations about how art and technology can have a positive social impact on all layers of society.

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Machine Learning & (Typo)Graphic Design

De Havenloods Utrecht

Free workshop: Live coding and algorithmic composition -Timo Hoogland

De Utrechter Stadsbrasserie en Bar

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