Shader Showdown Seminar

Creative Coding Utrecht
Creative Coding Utrecht
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So you want to be a shader* coder? But you still need to learn the basics? Or maybe you're already somewhat familiar with shader coding but could use some expert guidance?

On Sunday On Sunday afternoon Shader Showdown finalist Flopine gives a seminar about the basics of shader coding. And later on, Showdown competitor Evvvvil takes over for a codejam-style shader session, where visitors are warmly welcomed to ask questions, ask for advice on existing code, or try some of the techniques that Evvvvil is famous for explaining in easily understandable terms.

*Shaders are the equivalent of the Gutenberg press for graphics. The revolutionary technique brings digitally generated graphics to the next level! (Book of Shaders)

Tickets: €15,- (excl ticket fee) (shop opens when location is confirmed)
Screen: Flopine