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If you have a great idea for a movie, but you don't know how to flush it out or write it? This meet up is for you. Hi, I'm Hiram Watkins, aspiring screenwriter, and I have a passion for movies. In this group we will flush out ideas and concepts for movies, then write piece by piece. This group is for the open minded writer who has passion to write and become better at it through help from friends, family, and this group. We will critique concepts and idea first. Next we will write the concept down. Then we flush out the story and characters. Lastly, we write the screenplay fifteen pages at a time.

In addition to writing, we will learn terms and techniques to make us better at this craft. Some of the meetups will be class like setting where I will teach a few things that I have learned over the years. Some of the meetups will be studio round tables where we take our ideas and flush them out to the fullest. The meetup will be in various locations as we progress on. I believe in living the lifestyle of a writer so we will be traveling to different spots around the city to see how life can help us to be better at this craft.

Please be open to constructive criticism on your project and respect others on theirs. This meetup is here to help writers get the best out their stories.

Any information on screenwriting will be available on this site for download.

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