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The Power of Pinterest for Creative Businesses -

When I first heard of Pinterest over a year ago, I thought, “I need another social network like a hole in the head.” I could not have been more wrong. Little did I know that Pinterest was already sending significant traffic to my site, even though I had never once used it. Once I discovered this, I got serious about Pinterest.

More than just a social network, Pinterest has emerged as an efficient and effective way to build brand awareness, referral traffic, and sales. According to Forbes Magazine, “Pinterest is well on its way to becoming the next household name in social media.”

What is Pinterest? At first glance, it is an easy way to share images and videos organized into “boards.” While it is defined as a “virtual pinboard,” its structure turns it into a powerful tool for business. Pinterest fosters the cultivation of communities around your target market who share ideas and products they love. Most Pinterest users have no idea how to use it to boost traffic and business; those businesses who do are seeing major results.

Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore Pinterest:
• Pinterest grew to 10 million users faster than any other independent website in history
• According to, most users are spending more time on Pinterest than Facebook
• Over 23 million unique visitors this month, expected to top 200 million in early 2013
• Pinterest already surpasses Bing, Twitter, and Yahoo in referral traffic
• Pinterest users are second only to LinkedIn users in buying power *
• Pinterest buyers spend more money, more often, and on more items than any of the other top 5 social media sites * [* per ComScore]

I have tailored this presentation to creative businesses, which are particularly suitable for Pinterest. The highly visual, social, and viral nature of Pinterest provides the means for you to connect with your ideal prospects in surprisingly simple ways. We will be covering effective strategies on Pinterest for the Creative Professional and examples of photographers, graphics artists, videographers, writers and other creatives making good use of Pinterest.

We will not cover the nuts-and-bolts of using Pinterest; you will get links to video tutorials for that.

Presented by Anita Edge: Instructional Designer, Speaker, and Internet Marketer who works with clients to increase online profits. In early 2012, she discovered Pinterest was already part of her marketing, thanks to pinning from strangers. Since realizing the potential of this platform Anita has been researching, designing and delivering Pinterest training. Learn more on, a resource and training site for Pinterest users.
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For creative professionals in the Denver area, Creative Connections is your networking alternative. Our purpose? To foster working relationships among local creative pros. Join us the 1st & 3rd Friday's of the month from 9-10:30 a.m (Holidays excluded. Please check schedule).You’ll learn from in-the-know industry speakers, get the scoop on other local creative businesses and connect with other talented professionals with skills that complement your own. No-pressure networking. Creative Connections members play well together. So there are no rules limiting the number of graphic designers, writers, photographers—or lion tamers, for that matter—who can join. No dues. No mandatory attendance. We’re not a leads group—although members do collaborate on a variety of creative projects. Creative Connections’ only rule, really, is that you work as a creative professional. Defining creative: Anyone who is actively & directly involved in the following industries / fields and providing these services to others or in need of these services. Print - TV – Radio - Internet - Video – Photography - Artists (All forms) – Writers - Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations. Others that are not listed upon approval of the Creative Connections Management team.


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