What we're about

What are the limitations to human creativity and ingenuity. The answer could be simpler than many of us expected. Let's get together share our understandings of our self and each other. That shall pave the ground for a brilliant new tomorrow.

This group is about exploring creative thinking for the purpose of problem solving in local community related issues as well as topics that will have national or global impact. "All things considered", and all thinking creative.

Who should join: creative thinkers, philosophers, artists, designers, anyone who like to explore the potentials of active creative ideation and teamwork.

Why you should join: to meet like-minded local friends, to collaborate, to learn from each other, to share information and insights with each other, to have fun being creative.

We will typically have tow kind of meetings: 1) longer lectures allow individual group member or invited guests to use dedicated time for presentations regarding a specific topic. 2) workshops for discussions, and creative activities that aiming at practical problem solving and ideation.

We need experts from all professions to join us and share knowledge and insights, we need open minded people to actively involved in the collaborative group learning and talent sharing as well as creative experimentation.

Please be assure that you don't need to be an expert of a certain topic to participate in the conversation. Just bring your attention, your curiosity, and your creative imagination! All questions and opinions are welcome!

So, don't wait, join us today!

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