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Work for Hire Contract Requirements with Paul Levine, Leading IP Attorney
To save your seat for this Santa Monica meetup sign up at About this Important Event Work for Hire agreements are used by producers to acquire almost all the content they sell. They are used by celebrities and publishers to gain ownership and control of work created by writers, illustrators, and the sound engineers who record their audiobooks. Tech startups use work for hire contracts to acquire ownership of the code and algorithms their programmers and architects create. Work for hire agreements are some of the most sophisticated agreements you can create or sign. When people make mistakes in a work for hire agreement they can be very far reaching. Paul S. Levine is a leading intellectual property attorney currently working with writers and producers to negotiate good deals and build good projects. He has served the entertainment industry for over thirty-five years and prides himself on writing comprehensive plain language legal contracts, with a minimum of “legalese”. He works closely with his clients to ensure they have a complete understanding of the process, language, and long-term legal implications of the agreements they sign. You can learn more about Paul at In this 90-minute event you get answers to some of the most important work for hire questions including: * What is a work for hire agreement and how does it transfer the ownership of work created or captured by one person to another person or organization? * Why are writers, screenwriters, cinematographers, sound engineers, illustrators, animators, so frequently asked to sign work for hire agreements? * Do work for hire agreements have to be signed before work is created or can they be signed after the work is started or finished? * Do work for hire agreements change how work is registered at the copyright office and the copyright protections work enjoys? * Does it matter who signs the work for hire agreement? * Is a work for hire agreement between a writer and a business owner equivalent to the same work for hire agreement signed by the writer’s LLC and the business owner’s LLC? * What if a business goes out of business? Where do the rights go? * Is a work for hire contract also a non-competition agreement and a non-disclosure agreement? * Who owns derivative works if an artist creates a character or story under a work for hire agreement? * A screenwriter ghostwrites a movie, then under his own name writes an original sequel. Who owns the sequel? This may be one of the most important and informative events you ever attend if you create, buy, or sell intellectual property for a living. If you have questions about this event, please email [masked]. I look forward to hearing from you. Testimonials Nancy Fulton is a writer/producer who has also taught for UCLA, the Art Institute, the School for Creative Startups. She's mentored thousands of working pros. “Nancy is skilled, quick minded and highly motivated. She is terrific in person even though she is a bit of an introvert. She runs groups in an organized, efficient and fun routine and seems to have the experience and stick to it ness to make an A+ how to filmmakers instructor. Thanks for your speedy replies to my novice questions !” -- J'aime Sirgany from Creative Counseling “I took her seminars several times. All those were worth 5 stars. Not only she is brilliant and knowledgeable, but also very helpful and attentive to give an equal opportunity to every student/participant to enjoy learning. I guarantee that you’ll feel great! I highly recommend her seminars!” -- Masashi Nagadoi, Los Angeles CA “Nancy's events are overflowing with practical, logical information and tools that can be utilized immediately.” -- MeeRa Kim from Arbor Entertainment “ Nancy is amazing and such a gift to the filmmaking community. ” — Jim Henson More testimonials on Alignable

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