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We offer metaphysical classes, workshops, and a place to gather in community. Sunday service is a multi-faith celebration. We are a spiritual family of metaphysical seekers.

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Ancient Iranic Womens’ Ritual Dance with Farima

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From the beginning of time, sacred movements and music have brought people together and healed the soul. Ancient Iranic women’s ritual dance observes marriage, fertility, rites of passage, children, gratitude, death, and their unique connection of their body to the moon and cycle of nature for invoking the spirit and embodying the elements. You will be introduced to rituals celebrating the grace and joy of life and to a society where and when women were honored and people lived in harmony with each other and with nature. Farima has researched and combined sacred phrases, chants, music, and ancient healing movements from many spiritual traditions to help touch the spiritual essence within us and to help us recognize it in others. In this class Farima will introduce you to traditional dance rituals in a way that will help make you proud to be a woman and yourself. Includes a special ceremony for souls day on October 31. The following guest artists and instructors will be participating: Anna Tao, Essential Oils Specialist, will help guide participants through essential oil treatment and ancient shamanic healing rituals to find self-care and rejuvenation. Homeyra Banejad will be participating with Farima and presenting ancient Persian shamanic rituals including history and purpose. Saturday 10:30 – 11:30 am, October 10 to 31 $20 – Drop-in $15/week – Entire month, paid in advance or first class of month. By online conferencing. Register to obtain link. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ancient-iranic-womens-ritual-dance-tickets-124020930943

Rhythms of Wellness Drum Circle in the park with Heather Holland

Baylands Park


Hi everyone, If you are wanting to join our drum circle it will be happening the last Saturday of the month, from 5pm - 6:30pm at Sunnyvale Baylands park. We'll be setting up near the retaining wall when you first drive into the park, look straight ahead and you'll see the wall. Park to the left. I'll be bringing six drums and six folding chairs so if you need either, it's first come first served. I'm donating my usual rental space fee to the church community but will continue to use outdoor space until it feels a little safer to be in enclosed spaces. No donation by participants is asked. Look forward to you joining us if the schedule works for you. regards, Heather

Prayers for Día de los Muertos

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I will be doing a Group healing with elements I have learned from my meditation group in Oaxaca. Here are the highlights: *Presenting altar and talking briefly about this tradition. *Anchor to Earth and connect to Source exercise. *Group healing, bringing the light and creating a safe/sacred space with a ring of light around the group and each person doing a personal healing by releasing negatives and densities. This has the purpose to be in the position to send love and light in the next part when departed souls may come in. *There will be more souls needing this help with the COVID 19 deaths, the fires, hurricanes, earthquakes and other disasters we have experienced this year alone. *Invocation of MECANTECUTLI and MECANTECIHUATL Lord and Lady guardians of the portal of the hereafter (Aztec mythology), asking permission to let those souls that correspond to be here, to come and be lovingly released to the Universe to continue their journey on. *Then using our own clear flow of love, shining healing light upon we will release lost souls, entities and other family members. We will Light a candle for each group and we will all read aloud 3 prayers. 1. To help entities and those unable to transcend, 2. To help someone that has recently transitioned, and 3. To help a loved one in the last minutes of life. *CLOSING bible of light, thanking angels, beings flight, archangels and ascended masters and grounding again to return to our usual activities.

Aikido with John Santos

Center for Creative Living


Mondays and Wednesdays – 6:30 to 8:00 – Aikido with John Santos. $20 per class (ask about monthly fee). We teach Aikido as a principle based internal Martial Art. Our students learn in a positive, cooperative environment, which leads to absorption of the Aiki lessons in a way that is enjoyable and practical. Students practice and apply concepts such as intrinsic strength/power to the technical forms, which are practiced with partners and through solo exercise. Santos has been teaching Aikido throughout the South Bay since the 1980's. John is the current instructor and founder of the Mission Valley College Aikido program. Phone: (408)[masked] www.aikidojapantown.com (http://www.aikidojapantown.com/)

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