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Those of you who want to be with likeminded people, improve your creative skills as well as the intuitive side as well as well as deepen hour connection to the spirit world.There are many pathways to spirit and creativity is one of them. We are part of the great creator therefore we are creative. People who are creative are also very intuitive and this can be channelled to an advantage in such a way other pathways open up such as spirit art, inspirational speaking, writing and music. Our new workshops and courses " Creative Pathways to Spirit" was inspired by Julia Cameron are just about this and how to combine harnessing the elements to enhance our souls journey as well as incorporating it into our daily lives we are in our belief spirit enjoying an human experience for our souls growth and spirituality is a way of life not just a belief. Come to one or all of these.. Led by Daniel Naughnane and Patricia McNally

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My Creative Self

The South Woodford Spiritualist Church,

Healing Feather Shamanic Workshop

The South Woodford Spiritualist Church,

A Day with Spirit

The South Woodford Spiritualist Church,

Creative Pathways to Spirit

Friends Meeting House

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