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The Creative Photography Society of Baltimore (CPS) started in 2011 as the Baltimore HDR Photography Club.

Known in the early days as the foremost experts in multi-image processing, embracing the creative side of HDR (High Dynamic Range), panoramic, and focus stacking, the club later became focused on all aspects of photography.

Today CPS specializes in Black and White Photography which we believe is timeless. Black and White lets you focus on form, texture, shape and composition. And through the impressive list of speakers and topics at each meeting, CPS members will enhance their skills in a classic artform.

CPS is a Proud Member of the Maryland Photography Alliance.

For more information visit CPS's website at http://www.cpsbaltimore.org and join the CPS Facebook Group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1380258712180556.

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"Seeing in Black and White" with Greg Holden

Needs a location

You must register to attend – www.cpsbaltimore.com In his presentation, Greg Holden, will explain why Black and White images are not only still relevant, but often the better choice for showcasing the strengths of your images. While showing side-by-side color and B&W versions of his images, Greg will demonstrate how removing color from an image forces the viewer to focus on the shapes, lines and lighting in the image. Greg will discuss how to train your eyes to look past the color of things and instead focus on shapes and light. He will discuss how he searches scenes for interesting shadows, textures and patterns and pre-visualizes what the black & white conversion will look like. Check out other presentations scheduled through May - www.cpsbaltimore.com

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Workflow Processing and Printing in BxW with Les Picker

Comfort Inn & Suites

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