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"Be the change you wish to see in the world." -Gandhi. Join us as we explore personal growth through spiritual awakening and self discovery. Changing the world begins first with healing ourselves. We are building a community of individuals who want authentic connection. Let's explore our connections to self, to each other and to Spirit through creative gatherings, energy healing, meditation, and artistic expression.

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Energy Share

Rising Oaks Wellness

I invite anyone who identifies as a healer, a practitioner of energy, cultivator or nourisher to join us for a shared experience. Please bring your skills including but not limited to Qi Gong, Reiki, Pranic, theta healing, healing touch, or any energetic tool you use as a practitioner. If you are new to working with energy, you are welcome to be part of this exchange as well. We will work together as a group, taking turns to support each other. Everyone who attends will have the opportunity to be on the table to receive the group's gifts. The space will be energetically grounded by two healers (Shaman and Reiki Masters). It is a sacred and clear space. The intention of this monthly meeting is to practice as a collective, to receive healing, to build community. There is no fee for this gathering. Feel free to bring a lite snack to share.

Creativity Workshop

Chapel Hill Public Library

This event hosted by Marielle Hare inspires me! I mean the group is called Creative Spirituality. What a great opportunity to expand your creative energy, which I believe opens our connection to Spirit, and lights up our spiritual energy. Check out the details through the FB link below. Event Details: https://www.facebook.com/events/369495603832448/?ti=as More info on the host: http://www.mariellehare.com

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Dreamwork Practicum

Rising Oaks Wellness

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