What we're about

This meetup group specializes in Fashion and Beauty Portraiture at our Studio in Downtown San Jose.

Do you want to improve your lighting technique? Do you want to build a connection with a new model? Do you want to enhance your creativity with many different backgrounds and themes? Do you like to network and have fun with other photographers? Then welcome - this meetup is the right one for you!

From Beginner to Professional everybody can join this group as long as you can work with a DSLR, have a friendly and professional attitude and are passionate about photography. There is no age restriction, although there might be some meetups in conjunction with our sister meetup group "20’s and 30’s Photographers and Models".

All our meetups (workshops, sessions, portfolio reviews) will be at an affordable rate and we offer free Water, Coffee and Snacks in the studio to keep you fueled whilst you are shooting! So come along and have fun!


Our Shoots:

To keep things interesting we always think about a “theme” and come up with interesting backgrounds and props. If this doesn’t fit to your portfolio you can always shoot “normal” fashion portraits and headshots...it’s up to you how many and which props you’d like to use. If you don't like a specific set-up you can skip it or challenge yourself how you would make it work for the client, but you can't change the lighting set-up.

For anybody - however if you are a beginner you need to know your DSLR (How to shoot in Manual, Focusing, How to adjust settings).

One person shoots at a time and has 3 minutes "1-2-1" time with the model. Don't worry, there will be more than one round, (usually 2-3, depending on time) so you will end up with a great variety of pictures for your portfolio.

Don't be rude - just shoot: Please be respectful to your fellow photographers and model during the shoot. You can't touch or film the model. Share your opinions and advice in a nice and friendly manner, help your team members and have fun!

You don’t have to pay extra for a commercial model release, however you have to provide your own one. If you don’t have one, you can easily download a model release app onto your smart phone.

We will share our studio trigger, you don't need to bring a pocket wizard.

Lenses: For full body shots you will need a lens between 24mm and 50mm. For close-ups you will need a lens between 70mm and 200mm.

If you want to shoot with a big aperture (4.0 and lower), you need to bring your filters as we will measure the lights in a way that even kit lenses can be used.

Things you will learn:

Creating the Scene

Metering the Light

Directing the Model

Limited: 5 photographers only, so everybody has enough time to shoot. All events will be co-hosted with our sister group ( http://www.meetup.com/20-s-and-30-s-Photographers-and-Models/ ), so I will adjust the RSVPs between the two groups to keep it at 6, so don't wait to sign-up just because it looks like there are still a few spots.

No minimum attendance, I will shoot so or so. The fewer members sign up, the more shooting time you’ll have. The more members sign-up the more knowledge and ideas we can share. Win-win :)

Location for our studio shoots: Downtown San Jose, 95113, 12 South First Street, #702, opposite the VTA and Walgreens, corner of First and Santa Clara.

The front door will most likely be closed. Please arrive on time so we can let you in. We will also send you a contact phone number the evening before the shoot, if you arrive late, text us so we can let you in.

Street Parking is free after 6pm and Sundays. Safeway on 2nd street validates parking ($6 flat rate) and is only one block away. (Avoid the outdoor parking lot right next to the studio, it's expensive with $6/hr.)

Snacks and Drinks will be provided. Just come along and get creative!

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